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A Word of Caution

Like many Union fans, I have quickly come to call PPL Park in Chester home.

So it caught me by surprise Tuesday when one of the guys with whom I share season tickets was carjacked and beaten up pretty badly in Chester on his way to the USA-Colombia match at 9th and Morton streets.

He had been involved in a minor traffic accident. While he helped the driver of the other vehicle change a flat tire, some of her friends arrived and attacked him with the tire iron and stole his car.

Fortunately he has a thick skull and was left with only stitches and bruises on his head and arms (and the police recovered the vehicle), but it serves as a vivid reminder for those of us who drive any back route to PPL Park or park our cars in the surrounding neighborhoods that we must remember to be careful.

While it is certainly no shock that dangerous activity occurs in Chester, I had begun to confuse my familiarity with the drive to and from Chester as comfort and knowledge of place, letting my own guard down, just as my friend did on Tuesday.  He is just fine (and will have a couple cool scars to show for it) and certainly thankful the situation was no worse, and the experience will not dampen our passion for watching the Union play their home games in Chester, but I hope that in sharing this story, other such incidents can be avoided.


  1. Really sorry to hear that and glad your friend is okay. Sad that such scumbags share this world with us.

  2. sucks that your friends got attacked.

    stick to the main streets and avoid “any back route to PPL Park or park our cars in the surrounding neighborhoods”. there is a reason they have cops all over the place. park in approved lots and spend the extra 20 minutes sitting in traffic to avois places like these

  3. What lowlife losers! I’m glad to hear that he’s not
    hurt too bad. Next time carry a gun on you.

    • Yeah, I know it probably doesn’t need to be said, but hey, just in case:


      Now that I got that out of the way, we return you to your regularly scheduled program.

  4. and they want a supermarket? HAH

  5. These actions are always inexcusable, but don’t let the actions of a few taint your view of the whole. There are a lot of good folks in Chester plagued by generations of joblessness, oppression, educational deficits… As much as I love the Union, the FO is just another entity taking advantage of the vulnerable. To put it lightly, I am sure it can can get frustrating.

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