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Nowak talks fundamentals, Klinsmann talks USMNT

I’ve been pretty tough on Peter Nowak this season, but this interview with SoccerAmerica is the kind of thing that can wipe away a season’s-worth of questionable starting lineups. I’m back on the bandwagon!

In what will clearly be the biggest news of the day, Jurgen Klinsmann has revealed that USSF agreed to give him full technical control of the USMNT verbally, but would not put it in writing. Similar thing happened to me in middle school when I asked the girl in Chemistry out to the spring social.

PhillyOffside argues that Le Toux deserves a shot on the US National team. I’ll second that. Maybe if Seb dribbles over the endline with more consistency Robbie Findley’s spot will open up.

Jonathan Wilson asks whether it matters who you play first in the soccer season. His focus is on the EPL, but this could easily be exported to MLS as we look for the Union to make big strides forward next season.

David Beckham is launching a soccer festival in Trinidad while he attends the U-17 Women’s World Cup final. I want to hate David Beckham so, so much. But I can’t! He brought soccer’s biggest marketing tool (himself) to the United States (it’s not his fault nobody told the public he isn’t actually fun to watch), he went out on loan in order to get a shot on the England national team (patriotic), and he… oh yeah, he played for Man U. Whelp, I can hate him now.

The New York Cosmos are aiming to join MLS in the near future. Will this set off a rivalry between them and the Red Bulls? Note to Cosmos: You really want to jump-start a rivalry? Recruit as many Irishmen to your team as possible. That first match against Red Bulls and Thierry Henry will be epic.

Speaking of Henry, he’s back in the tsk-tsk news after MLS levied a $2,000 fine for his celebration that injured Dallas goalie Kevin Hartman.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber thinks his league will be just fine as it expands. This article is most notable for Danny Mwanga’s supercool pose as he shakes Donny G’s hand.

And today’s best headline: Casillas’ Girlfriend Lays Into ‘Selfish’ Ronaldo

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  1. Where do you think Novak keeps those diagrams with five options? I think that would be a fun addition to the crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper. You could discuss it with friends, think about it over coffee.

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