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Ralston retires, no DP for Union

MLS career assists leader Steve Ralston is retiring. So frame your Steve Ralston jersey, I guess?

Eric Altshule argues that grit is the distinguishing trait of the US National team, and that it will serve us as well as skill and ability serve the rest of the world’s teams. Hm.

It appears the Union won’t be dipping into the designated player market any time soon, so Union Jack better start learning that attacking center mid position.

Villareal is looking to sell Jozy Altidore rather than put him out on loan for a third straight year. Altidore struggled mightily at Hull City last season, although in all fairness, Hull City had about two good months in their two year run in the EPL, and those were the first two months. Altidore needs to learn to finish and needs to improve his first touch with his back to goal. Send him to a mid-sized league with one of those old craggy coaches who has seen it all and treats Jozy like a son and enemy at the same time. In four years he’ll be a World Cup star.

Sebastian Le Toux was named MLS Player of the Week for the second time this year. Le Toux, Edson Buddle and Dwayne De Rosario have two POTW awards each this year.

Carlos Bocanegra moved from Rennes to St. Etienne in Ligue 1. Bocanegra’s playing time dropped last season, but St. Etienne is by no means an improved situation. The club will fight the relegation battle all year. On the positive side, the U.S. captain won’t be paired with Oguchi Onyewu in the back.

Sal Zizzo, a former UCLA standout who has been plying his trade at Hannover 96, is coming to MLS. The Wiz and DC United have the best chance of signing the 23 year old in a weighted lottery. Kansas City will hope this isn’t a replay of the last weighted lottery they won, when Luiz Gil refused to play at a club so far from the west coast. ESPN-LA has a story on Gil’s development.

Ray Sanchez believes all the US needs to do is win a World Cup for the soccer-haters to go away. “If England can do it, if Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Italy and even Uruguay can do it, certainly the United States can do it.” I will refrain from comment.

EPLTalk reports that ESPN is looking for expanded licensing rights for the upcoming Premier League season. Last year, the worldwide leader in talking heads could only show games on ESPN2. They would like to be able to move their broadcasts to ESPN and show matches on ESPN3.com.

Luis Dominguez is using his position as a soccer coach to give Mexican-American girls a chance at a better life.

Stephen Dubner (of Freakonomics fame) links to a new economics paper that investigates the claims that events like the World Cup are an economic stimulus for a country. If anyone reads it, give a summary in the comments. I’ll try it out tonight and get back to y…zzzzzz

Liverpool signed World Cup star source of strife Joe Cole to a four year contract. Cole was available for free after his contract with Chelsea expired. Chelsea already signed Yossi Benayoun away from Liverpool as a replacement for Cole. Apparently the Israeli wide midfielder thinks there is a spot for him on a team that plays with four central midfielders at a time. The buzz is that Cole’s signing was an attempt to appease Steven Gerrard and keep the captain at Anfield. The truth is, Stevie G won’t go anywhere. He’s thirty, he’s playing at the club he grew up with, and the teams with enough money to bid for him don’t need him.

The Chicago Fire are looking for more designated players after signing Nery Castillo, but promise they won’t spend just to spend.

Jose Pedroso has left his second-division Chilean club after he tried to choke a referee. Pedroso, who plays for Rangers, attacked the ref after Concepcion was allowed three retakes due to infractions during a late penalty kick. Video here. The craziest part about this is that it wasn’t even a one-goal game.

Bosnia may face a ban from FIFA competitions after the country voted against a single president. Bosnia has a three-headed presidency which represents all three major ethnic groups in the country. Isn’t Iran allowed to play in FIFA matches? What exactly is the line in the sand here? And wait-a-minute! England has a monarch! Ban them! Or at least force them to keep Emile Heskey on the team!

Thierry Henry didn’t think he could just waltz into New York without some uproar from the Irish, did he? Sean O’Shea advocates a boycott of the Red Bulls as long as Henry’s cheating derriere is on the squad. Sigh.

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