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Union v Celtic in pictures

Leaving the player’s tunnel

Coach Nowak

The captains exchange pennants

Le Toux on the ball

Le Toux chases down Celtic captain Scott Brown

Stefani Miglioranzi helps Brown to the pitch

What’s this ball doing in the back of the net?

Le Toux takes a crack from the wing

Torres goes airborne with a Celtic free kick

Celtic gets divey around the new guy, Eduardo Coudet

With Torres down, Coudet talks tactics with Danny Mwanga

20 is out—Nowak checks on Torres

Amobi Okugo moving through traffic

Union Jack turns a move

Celtic start to threaten

Okugo works his mark

Some Celtic supporters try to create some excitement of their own…

…Security is not amused

Celtic finally find the back of the net…


A whole lot of holding and tugging going on

Celtic try for some last minute heroics…

But our man Perk is the hero tonight and keeps the clean sheet

Battle-scarred but victorious

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