World Cup pool winner: come get your prize!

As some of you know, we had a World Cup picks pool. Also, as some of you know, we have a winner. His name is William, aka Own Goal. He picked games and scores with such lights-out accuracy that, when his superhuman ability to predict games finally stumbled with his Netherlands, he still won the competition, despite that pick being worth the most points.

We’re trying to track him down because we have his prize, two Union tickets. In fact, we have two tickets to tonight’s Union-Celtic game for him, but unfortunately, he didn’t list his email so that we could view it. So we’re having a bit of trouble finding him.

Do you  know William? If so, can you help us find him so we can give him his prize?

We can get him the tickets today for tonight’s game, if possible for him. And if not, we’ll get him two tickets to another game.

But we do need to find him. William, where are you?

Contact us via our Contact page.


  1. is there a deadline because ‘second’ place will gladly take em…

  2. We’ll give him a few weeks. It’s a long season. You were close, Nate. Real close. If we don’t hear from him, close may get you the cigar. 😉

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