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A few things that could be improved at PPL Park

I will tell you that I had a blast at the first game at PPL Park.  The sight lines were great.  The stadium was beautiful.  The beer and the water were cold (if overpriced).  The fans were unbelievable (everyone from the families to the SoB).  And the Union played some inspired, attractive soccer and fully deserved the win.  But there a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing improved.  So I present you with just a few things we can hope are better for the 2nd game:

Please please please do not play that awful, awful song after the Union score.  Seriously, what the fuck?  What was that song even?  And please don’t prod us to sing Four Leaf Clover.  We’ll come up with our own songs and sing them at the appropriate times.

Please do not run out of water in the 70th minute.  We can hope that it is a little cooler for this game than the Sounders game (forecast right now says cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms, high around 90).  But if it is going to be hot, have lots of water available.  And on that note, if you’re giving away free ice, make it easier to find.  I heard stories of people not being able to hunt down this illustrious free ice and that you could only get it from certain vendors if you already had a cup.

Do not have the announcer say “A yellow card caution has been issued to…”.  Do let us know that someone received a yellow card.  But a “yellow card caution” sounds absurd.  We’re soccer fans, we know a yellow card is a caution.  What does the announcer say when a red card is issued?  “A red card expulsion has been issued”?

Correct those small problems and we should be good to go.  Did I miss anything?  Comment below.


  1. The Goal Song is Called DOOP. Peter Nowak Himself asked the SONS OF BEN to learn it and sing it after every goal.

    As for Four Leaf Clover… That is the SONG of the Sons of Ben and The Philadelphia UNION.. Chosen for it’s strong tie to the City from The Mummers Parade… It is sung at the 20:10 mark as that is the Year of the UNION… Year of the ZOLO!

    • Mike Servedio says:

      Thanks for the info. “DOOP” as it is, is kind of silly to me. I am just one person though, and if everyone else is into it, so be it. But I know the look of everyone sitting around me for the first game was not one of acceptance. Maybe the SoB can keep it and the rest of the stadium can come up with something else…

      • Or maybe the Sons of Ben and everyone else can keep DOOP and you can come up with something else…got a kick reading your editorial MS…I’m with you modern hypocrites…Year of the ZOLO!

  2. It will take time for the entire fan base to warm to it, but STAND UP!

    Someone in our section used the “Text if you’re being intentionally vomited on” messaging service to have an usher come and tell a fan to sit down.

    This is so uncool I can’t begin to express my frustration. Good things happen, you stand, bad things happen, you stand, good things might happen, you stand and ultimately you just stand and cheer for 90 minutes solid, that’ll be the life.

    and NO WAVE, ever. if you’re thinking about starting or participating in the wave, slap your right hand hard with your left. You will be punishing yourself for considering being a part of a wave and everyone else will think you are clapping. Sections 123-124, i’m looking at you, cut it out.

  3. I still think “Oh, them golden slippers” should be one of the songs. That is played at every event I go to in the Phildelphia region. I think Mwonga has on yellow boots… It just seems right.

  4. Brion Shreffler says:

    Eli, spot on. It’s a soccer match. Same goes for people standing stock still at concerts giving dirty looks to people dancing to the music. Such people suck and do not enjoy life. They need to stay home where they can have total control over their pets or children. Cubicles are made for such people. Nice Pukemon reference.

    And no more Disney songs. We are not ‘the mighty mighty Titans.’On a positive note, in over a few months time, we’ve already bested the extensive songbook of die-hard Eagles fans.

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