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Blue sweaters, Kuyt love, PPL FAQs: Read the roundup!

From the FAQ section of PPL’s website:

PPL Electric Utilities and its customers aren’t paying a penny for stadium naming rights. A totally separate subsidiary of PPL is investing in this sponsorship as a marketing effort in the Philadelphia region. The utility is not involved.

BostonBreakersReport is an awesome website for WPS coverage. Unfortunately, I have to reference it due to an Independence loss.

Let’s start off the World Cup coverage with a cute little quote from the cute little Dutchman, Wesley Sneijder:

Princess Bride 2: Oranjudgement Day

“Being the top goal scorer is not my aim at this tournament. When you the amount of text messages I get about the personal prizes I could win. I don’t even read them anymore. We have Uruguay on our mind; When you get knocked out now, you have nothing at all.”

I remember many a lazy summer day in 2009 when I campaigned for a Sneijder-to-Liverpool deal. Along those same lines, it’s about time to open up betting on Alberto Aquilani’s first injury of 2010. Will it be the ankle again? Perhaps a thigh contusion? Or maybe Hodgson will sell him because he’s freaked out by how close together his eyes are.

“My Wesley” is having a pretty good tournament – FIFA has given him credit for the first goal in the Brazil-Holland game. Don’t worry, Felipe Melo, even without the own-goal we will always remember you as the defensive midfielder whose 2nd half made Ricardo Clark’s Ghana performance look spectacular.
But the Dutchies aren’t all about Sneijder. Best Footballer Ever Johann Cruyff thinks Dirk Kuyt is worth his weight in gold.

Here is a list that studies Tackle Success, Shooting Accuracy and other measures of a successful soccer team. Is anybody else scared to look at Jozy Altidore’s stats for the World Cup? I know he contributed beyond the stat sheet… but with your own Adidas commercial I’d expect something other than goose eggs in the stats department.

Sir Alex Ferguson has won a lot of titles. For some reason, this means he gets to say whatever he wants without getting any flak or questioning from the English media. Today, Fergie claims that Wayne Rooney struggled in the World Cup because of all the pressure on him. I’m confused. Is it better to fail because of the weight of expectations than fail because your team plays like crap, you spent all your time dropping into midfield, Aaron Lennon and SWP somehow went pro without learning to cross or use their left foot, Frank Lampard couldn’t hit you with a pass if you were as large as Emile “I’m as surprised as you are that I made this team” Heskey, and you’re partnered with Emile “Haha-it’s-funny-because-I-don’t-ever-score-goals-ever-for-anyone” Heskey?

Awesome meaningless fact of the day: Last time the Oranje and Uruguay met, Diego Forlan’s father, Pablo, was on the losing side.

Nigeria’s President has lifted his ban on the national football team, leaving them free to underachieve in less than two years.

90% of people who watched TV in Germany during the Germany-Argentina game watched the Germany-Argentina game.

Whoops, caught me stylin!


Spain’s manager hinted he will stick with Fernando Torres for the semifinal against Germany. As the proud owner of America’s biggest man-crush on Torres, I still think he looks slow and unsure of his position. Why won’t Del Bosque just give in and play the Chelsea system with two strikers and, like, 9 center midfielders? Seriously though, Xabi Alonso, Busquets, and Xavi are stepping on each other all game. Ditch Busquets, play Iniesta wide, drop Fabregas behind Torres and Villa and voila! Who told the Spanish that they had to try and work the ball wide so much? Your finishers are all great with the ball at their feet and your midfielders are all on-a-dime passers. Who cares if anyone else knows that you’re going to do it, just force the ball up the middle with speed and precision. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT —-ING GOOD! How many times will we have to hope David Villa is magic in 90 minutes or less before something changes?

What a day for quotes! Some of the Germans are superstitious that manager Joachim Loew’s sweaters are the spiritual force behind their success: “I don’t know how many blue sweaters he has,” midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger said, “but I hope he has one or two left in his suitcase.”

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