Soccer on TV

PSP’s bootleg guide to watching soccer online

You’re stuck at work. Game time is 10 a.m. You can’t get home or to a soccer pub. What do you do?

You watch the game online, naturally.

But oh no! doesn’t work with your internet provider! What then?

That’s when we share this handy dandy guide to watching the U.S.-Slovenia game in all the places you’re not supposed to know about. (OK, not all, but some.) They don’t always work perfectly, and sometimes you have to switch streams to find one that does, but chances are you’ll find today’s game without too many problems.

Naturally, this message will self-destruct at noon today, once the game is over, so read it, bookmark it, and then forget that you read this. Here are your choices, starting with the officially sanctioned one.

(DELETED!!! Self-destruct mechanism engaged.)

There’s also this little tip, but I have no idea if it works. But the others do – usually.

Now, don’t get in trouble at work. Make sure your bosses are cool with this. (Insert other disclaimer here.) Tell them this is the most important game of the World Cup, that if the U.S. somehow loses that they are out of the World Cup. (You won’t be lying. That’s basically the truth here.) Find something to do while watching it. Etc. Don’t get fired!

And enjoy. Hopefully that helps.

Again, this post will self-destruct in four hours …

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