World Cup

U.S. ties England 1-1

You watched it. You know what happened. (If you didn’t, well, you’re out of luck, because apparently it’s the only match that ESPN isn’t showing on replay on its ESPN3 web site, and the above video has the most highlights that I can find.)

A 1-1 draw. An exciting match throughout. A ridiculously awesome atmosphere at soccer pubs around Philadelphia.

I watched the match at The 700, and it was packed. People were standing outside the pub watching through open windows. When Clint Dempsey’s shot trickled into the goal, the place went nuts. People were jumping up and down, throwing high fives, giving hugs, and cheering. After a few seconds of pure, joyous pandemonium, a “USA! USA!” chant erupted. It seemed like everyone in the pub was chanting. I walked down the street later and had people cheering because I was wearing a USA shirt.

Yes, it’s just a draw. But it’s a draw that was well-earned. Say what you want about Robert Green’s gift of a goal, but don’t forget his brilliant save on Jozy Altidore that was aided by the woodwork. Karma balanced itself out in the end.

After playing a morning game and watching this one, I’m spent. Andrew and Eli may pop in with some great, intelligent insights on the game itself, but me, all I’ve got for you is the feeling.

This one feels good.

(Though I’m thinking that BS yellow card to Jay DeMerit is going to come back to haunt the U.S.)

Here’s a rundown of match coverage from around the world.

Next match: Friday, 10 a.m., against Slovenia.


  1. The point is great. Exciting, thrilling, etc. But this is a missed opportunity. Ricardo Clark again proved himself a liability as he was immediately at fault for the English goal. One thing I always watch for with the US is once they turn the ball over, how far can the opposition dribble before they encounter pressure. With Clark and Bradley paired in the midfield its always 20-30 yards. Unacceptable.

    Bob Bradley’s substitutions (or lack thereof) were mind-boggling. All the work done by the team is to set the game up for a chance to win, and the US had that chance. With England playing well below par Bradley had an opportunity to go for the throat, and he didnt take it.

    So many articles talk about how playing two defensive center mids is safer. I disagree. All it means is that we are going to concede possession and territory. With Torres in the game we have more spark going forward but can also HOLD ON TO THE BALL. HOLDING ON TO THE BALL is the key to finishing games and Clark should have come off at halftime. Also bringing Holden on and pushing Dempsey up top should have happened way, way, way sooner. 60th minute maybe. Let Holden run at a tiring clumsy, slow English backline. See what happens. Good things I’d bet.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was the Americans who left points on the table tonight, not the Brits.


  2. In other news, if someone knows how to make one of those animations where a picture of someones face melts into a picture of someone else’s, like this….

    Can you make one of Robert Green turning into Chris Seitz? I want to see it.

  3. Good point about the subs. If Bob Bradley has a flaw as a coach, it’s that he almost always waits too long to sub. We were saying the same thing during the match, begging for a sub at midfield. When Findley came off, I also wanted to see Gomez paired with Altidore, not Buddle.

    And really wanted to see Torres.

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