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Union Sound talks Red Devil, US roster reaction & more


In the latest Union Sound podcast, WYSP’s Gordon talks to Manchester United legend Denis Irwin. Irwin was in town this week to promote the upcoming Manchester United match against the Union. In the podcast, Irwin talks about the goal of the North American tour (probably going to be a lot of those!), which players will be on the tour, the worldwide popularity of United, the state of American soccer and England v US World Cup predictions.

The Star in Kansas City wonders if the fact that only four MLS players are on the US roster is a sign of failure for the league. Brazilian newspapers are no doubt filled with similar concerns about their own roster and domestic leagues.

Here’s a look at how attendance is at all of those soccer specific stadiums in MLS. Turns out not entirely well with attendance ranging from 91.7%  of capacity in Toronto to 45.6 % in Dallas.

In further attendance news, 40,122 show up in Seattle to see the Sounders beat Boca Juniors 3-0, 30,367 watch DC United defeat an AC Milan side that included Pato and Ronaldinho in a 3-2 shocker, while only 21,122 show up in Toronto to see Fiorentina beat Juventus 1-0 in a match described as “like watching a men’s rec league indoor soccer game.”

Meanwhile, in Philly, ticket sales for the Manchester United match at the Linc “are near the 25,000 mark before a full-fledged marketing effort has even begun.

The Royal Gazette of Bermuda looks at Reading United ahead of their match with Bermuda Hogges on Friday night.

The Princeton local weekly, Town Topics, talks to the university’s soccer coach Jimmy Barlow and trainer Russ Steves about what hosting the US national team’s pre-World Cup training camp involved.

The Red Bulls defeat Colorado Rapids 3-0 to advance to the third round of the US Open Cup.

US/World Cup

The LA Times looks at what waiting for the final roster announcement was like for players on the US team.

Steve Goff examines the unlikely trio of Buddle, Findley and Gomez. Sad to say it, but the trio is not exactly the stuff of fireworks when it comes to their limited international experience. And then there’s Altidore, whose time at Hull left so much to be desired. The New York Daily News calls the selection of forwards “a gamble.” The Sporting News thinks leaving Brian Ching off the roster is an “unnecessary risk.” SI’s Grant Wahl talks about the surprise inclusion of Robert Findley. On the plus side, all this talk about the forwards means that I haven’t thought about the backline in, like, fifteen minutes.

The Miami Herald looks at expectations for the US team given the ghost of 2006.

Australian FourFourTwo talks to Landon Donovan.

Interest in Europe for DaMarcus Beasley and Steve Cherundolo increases following their selection for the US squad.

If you’re in the mood for some cornball, the New York Daily News wonders what the selection process would be like if it was done in the manner of American Idol. Ha….Ha………Ha…

Turkey, the US opponent in Philly this Saturday, beats Northern Ireland 2-0. With earlier victories over Honduras and the Czech Republic, that’s three in a row for Turkey.

In more World Cup warm-up news, France beats Costa Rica 2-1, it’s two defeats in a row for Mexico after a 2-1 loss to the Netherlands, and Germany scrapes by an under-20 team 24-0. No that is not a typo: the German national team challenged itself against an under-20 team. Ten players scored in total with Gomez and Klose each scoring five goals.

Trade unions in England are asking employers to allow workers to watch World Cup matches at work to prevent them from faking illness. Fortunately for me in the US, my boss is English and he will be at the World Cup!


Even though he hasn’t yet signed a contract with Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho hints that he would like to sign Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. “I like players at the end of their careers. I love to have some players around 33 or 34-years-old.” Sounds like Mourinho could have a future in the MLS.

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