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Union music video shoot — want in?

So y’all know about Jay D Clark, who has this song about Philadelphia Union, “Join or Die”. (And if you don’t, check out the video above.) We gave him props here before for writing a rock song dedicated to the Union (and for finding a way to stick in all these local soccer highlights), and now the much-awaited, much-delayed, finally-happening-for-real-this-time-we-swear live video shoot and performance of the song will happen Wednesday night.

Jay and renowned session player Chuck Treece are performing at the famed North Star Bar at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, and they’re looking for people to perform the chorus during the live take.

You interested? Head on over. Tickets are $10, but Union supporters get a t-shirt and CD with that.

Here’s the chorus, if you’re looking to memorize it:

“Union, Union, we are near

MLS better have some fear

Union, Union, we are here

Sons of Ben will make you disappear”

That’s right. The SoBs will make you disappear. Except, you know, you’ll be on video, so you won’t really disappear. That’s for the other teams. Or something.

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  1. Why don’t you put Knightman in that video too?!/pages/Knightman/116503515045752?ref=ts

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