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Islanders Ink Noone – Implications?

Thursday afternoon, the Harrisburg City Islanders announced the signing of local product JT Noone. Noone, as you probably remember, has been a trialist with the Union since shortly after the Superdraft in January. Noone has signed a 21-day contract with the Islanders and the team plans to take him on the road for its two matches against Charleston and Charlotte; he is rumored to be wearing #15.

My take on the signing is simply playing time. As an unsigned trialist, Noone could not play a regular season game for either the Union or the Islanders. Though it does not appear on the surface that the Union are busy in the transfer market, the hesitation to sign Noone likely has to do with the potential for incoming players and the desire not to put him on waivers later to make room. At the expiration of his 21-day contract, Noone will once again be an out-of-contract player and will not be subject to the MLS transfer window guidelines should the Union desire to sign him for depth or to compensate for potential injuries.

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