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Toronto’s mayor is nervous, TFC fans “antsy”

Philly Soccer Page preview of tonight’s game: the Union will earn its first road win tonight, 2-1. You can read the preview from the Union site here.

CSN talks to Cristian Arrieta and thinks Roger Torres could be a star in the making. The Delco Times has more with Arrieta.

Philly Soccer News talks with Alejandro Moreno about what kind of atmosphere the Union can expect at tonight’s game and has another piece in which Union and Independence players talk about the support for them shown by Philly fans. Simply put, we are awesome.

John Hackworth tells the Inquirer, “All the energy and emotion we had on our side on Saturday, Toronto will have on their side.”

The Canadian soccer site The 24th Minute has a podcast where they talk to Inky writer Jonathan Tannenwald “to set up the TFC vs. Philly game.”

Of tonight’s match up, “out wide is where this game might be won or lost” says the Atlantic City Press.

The Toronto Sun says that TFC’s fan base is “getting antsy” following the teams winless start of the season.

The Toronto Star looks at the hometown team, “a bunch of strangers still getting to know one another,” ahead of tonight’s game.

The mayor of Toronto is “nervous about TFC’s fortunes.”

The winner of  the Philadelphia Union v New York Red Bulls US Open Cup qualifier will face Colorado Rapids in the next round. The Colorado Rapids beat the Kansas City Wizards 2-1 on Tuesday night in their US Open Cup qualifier.

With most of the home openers out of the way, average attendance in MLS is up 22.86% over last season, 17.40% if the Union’s massive home opener is taken out of the equation.

US Soccer Players and American Soccer News take MLS to task over the new MLSsoccer website, only they’re not talking about the well documented functionality problems with the site. They’re mad because the new site, which is the official mouthpiece of MLS, has taken to “breaking” news stories with its own scoops.

The Philadelphia match away to the Boston Breakers will be live on FSC this Sunday at 6pm.


  1. Mike Servedio says:

    I hate the new MLS site for a number of reasons. I had so much trouble trying to find Toronto’s line up from their first two games, and I figured the MLS site would at least have that in their recaps. But no. Why can’t they look at how the rest of the world covers soccer? There is a reason for the uniformity.

  2. Jorge Maradona says:

    How do I get to the NY Red Bulls SSS Stadium by train from Philadelphia. I believe If Im correct the I can catch the Path and stop at Harrison, and it should be only 3 minutes walk from there.

    PS: Can somebody verify that for me, and please answer by Tuesday, since I will decide either to go by train or Bus, or drive.

  3. Something like that. If you’re coming from Philly, take the R7 to Trenton. Switch to NJ Transit and get the train up to Newark. Then hop off and get on the PATH to Harrison. Check this page out too: http://www.njtransit.com/hp/hp_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=HomePageTo

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