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MLS adds second DP slot, option for a third

MLS announced today that all clubs now have the opportunity to add a second designated player to their roster. The salaries of designated players are not counted toward MLS club’s salary budgets, which are an expense shared by all MLS clubs.

Additionally, clubs may now also purchase a third designated player slot for $250,000. Monies raised from the sale of this third slot will be shared among club’s which have not purchased the option.

The new rules are effective immediately. Club’s have until April 15 to make transfers to acquire players under contract in leagues of other countries in the Primary Registration Window. A Secondary Registration Window is open between July 15 and August 14 while players without a contract can be signed at anytime.

MLS executive vice president of Player Relations and Competition Todd Durbin said of the new designated player rules, “Expanding the Designated Player Rule is another example of MLS’s commitment to providing top-level soccer for our fans . . . After three seasons, we have seen that the Designated Player Rule improves the quality of play, creates intrigue and discussion, and enhances our clubs’ distinct on-field identities. We will continue to see varied approaches from our clubs in assembling their rosters, and these changes will give them increased flexibility.”

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