A wind aided own goal in the German lower division game between Wimsheim vs TSV Grunbach. I love that the players celebrate like someone just hit a 90th minute bicycle kick.

Kind of reminds me of playing at Pennypack Park, no?


  1. Brion Shreffler says:

    Haha. Spot on Mike. Pennypack indeed. For anyone not familiar, many of us at PSP play right on the Delaware about 15 minutes north of Center City Philadelphia. At it’s worst, think Clash Of The Titans, with the gods for some reason pouring hatorade all over our Saturday afternoon amateur matches. But for excellent work by the defender on the back post, I recall at least one instance of nearly netting a wind aided corner. And then there’s the pitch itself…

  2. May Singer says:

    I thought goals cant be scored from a goal kick?!

    • Mike Servedio says:

      I thought that goal kicks were indirect. I don’t know the rules on own goals from indirect free kicks. The goal was counted in that game though.

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