Daily news roundups

Daily news roundup

Landon Donovan, along with Kasey Keller, has criticized the unwillingness of the MLS to compromise in negotiations with the Players Union for a new CBA and warn that a lock out could harm preparations for the World Cup.

Landon Donovan’s debut press conference at Everton was postponed because of the heaviest snowfall seen in northern England in decades.

In related news, the Carling Cup semifinals between Blackburn and Aston Villa and between Manchester City and Manchester United have also been postponed, leading to concerns about fixture pile up. (Apparently Manchester got four inches – cry me a mildly frozen river.)

An unnamed American, who has already passed the Premiership’s due diligence test, is the favored investor to take over West Ham. The Mystery Man reportedly has “other sports interests.”

In related news, West Ham and Milwall face the prospect of ground closures if the FA finds them responsible for violent clashes between rival “supporters” before, during and after their Carling Cup match in August.

The Algerian football federation has denied reports that a rift exists between manager Rabah Saadane and the players on the Algerian national team. A statement on the federation’s website assured the public that there is “no foundation to these allegations.” Saying that “an excellent mood reigns in the squad,”  the statement asks, “what is the real goal of this disinformation?” Algeria will meet the USA, England and Slovenia in Group C at this year’s World Cup and are currently training in France for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Jose Mourinho says that “The Serie A coach does not want to innovate, he wants to survive.”

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