English Premier League

The Grinch that runs Spurs?

Not the freshest of news, but certainly timely for the holidays:
The North London football faithful were debating Harry Redknapp’s angry reaction to news that Robbie Keane and the boys had flown to Dublin for a holiday party after Redknapp had expressly forbidden such jaunts.

Why so down on celebrations? “Everyone’s waiting for you to trip up, go out and get drunk or act silly. You don’t need that”, according to Redknapp.

Just as the debate began to abate, Redknapp himself then ran into a bit of trouble. He is expected to be charged for tax evasion resulting from an alleged offshore payment he received from Portsmouth ownership while running the club.

Tottenham is currently three points from third place in the English Premier League. Looks like Harry’s attempt to tamp down controversy and stay under the radar backfired and instead brought an even higher level of scrutiny to the team as they attempt to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League.

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