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Casa round-up: Week 3

A hat trick, and changes at the top in all four divisions! It’s the Casa Round-up week 3!

Casa Soccer League / Local / Local Leagues

Casa round-up: Week 2

A big second week in the Casa Soccer League. Check out all the winners, losers and top performers as teams establish their places in the table. The round-up is back!!

Casa Soccer League / Local / Local Leagues

Casa Soccer League season preview

Philadelphia’s largest adult amateur soccer league kicks off its fall season this Saturday. PSP reviews last season and offers predictions for all four divisions, complete with wiseass remarks.

Casa Soccer League / Local / Local Leagues

Casa roundup – finals weekend!

It’s finals weekend in Casa! All the updates and matchups are here so get your fix after the US-Algeria game.

Casa Soccer League / Local / Local Leagues

Casa round-up: More Playoffs

Cannons continue a cinderella run, two #1 seeds go down, Segunda and Tercera are set for massive showdowns in the semis. Casa round-up: semifinal edition!

Casa Soccer League / Local / Local Leagues

Casa round up – playoff edition

Revolving Orange upset Zolo, Leonidas Walsh preps Rev76 for Quaker City, Sporting Philly moves on, and Cracovia and the Firm prepare to duke it out in Primera. Casa round-up: Playoff style!

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Casa round-up: final week

A big upset in Tercera as three teams secure promotion spots for the fall season. West Philly sits atop Primera, but Grey Lodge can sneak by them with a win against Milan in a make up game!

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Casa round-up: week 8

Quaker City and Mt. Laurel fight it out atop Tercera while six teams teeter on the brink of Primera relegation. Sweet Lucy’s can play spoiler in Abierto and the loser of Philadelphia Athletic and Organized Chaos goes down! It’s real chaos as the Casa spring season reaches its final week!

Casa Soccer League

Casa round-up: Week 7

A look ahead to the final two weeks of the CASA season – nobody is secure at the top, and every division features a fight to avoid relegation. All the info on who needs what to survive. CASA Round-up week 7!

Casa Soccer League

Casa round up – week 6

Yusef Morant carries West Philly to another win in Primera while NewPhilly and Stoney battle it out for the top spot in Segunda. Will Quaker City ever give up another goal? And who will be in the Tercera relegation zone after this weekend? How come AOH gets so many home games, and will Sabatino Mangini lead SOB-Union out of relegation? Casa week 6!