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Casa Soccer League season preview

With the Union fading and the European seasons just getting revved up, wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to distract us? Something to occupy our minds and our Saturdays…

After a summer layoff, Philadelphia’s Casa Soccer League is back in business! And the good news is that it’s bigger than ever.

CASA expanded by six teams and now has three divisions of twelve teams behind a ten-team Primera division. There are some new teams in the league and a lot of movement between divisions. Let’s have a look at how last season ended and what’s in store for Fall 2010.


After winning only one game during the regular season, AC Milan somehow changed their fortunes in the playoffs and walked away with the Primera playoff crown. AC Milan returns a strong squad in the fall, but new league rules means the regular season champ will raise the cup this year. Milan will have to improve on their 7th place finish if they want to get their names on the trophy again.

Primera was tight all season in the spring, and expect nothing to change. While Grey Lodge finished first in the regular season, West Philly and Real Optimus were right on their tail.

At the other end of the spectrum, four teams finished even with or one point above the relegation zone. Philly United and Drinkers Pub United survived but they’ll be fighting off NewPhillyUnited and Stoney United who arrive in the top flight determined to make an immediate impact. NewPhilly cruised through Segunda in the Spring but can they compete in Primera? Stoney earned promotion after their offense came alive in the playoffs. I spent all last year saying Segunda was strong. Prove me right, guys.

Prediction: I play in Primera, so I feel uncomfortable picking a winner here. So I asked Allison. She said, “Well who won the regular season? Grey Lodge? Then I pick them.” She’s dangerously logical.


Five new squads in Segunda these time around as two teams come down from Primera, two are added to the new 12 team division, and one team replaces the departing Memphis Tap Room. Penn United and Cannons come down from Primera, but as noted above, they were tied for points with two other squads. These are two teams that have spent a lot of time in Primera, and they’ll be itching to get right back up.

United Nations is another favorite for promotion after losing 4-2 to Stoney in the playoff final. They’ll have to hold off a number of strong teams coming up from Tercera, led by Quaker City FC and Mt. Laurel FC. These two battled it out all season for the top spot in the third division and there is no doubt they’ll find themselves at home in Segunda. The other two teams joining Segunda are Tri-County United and Bayern Makefield. Makefield lost 3-2 in the playoff finals to Quaker City, but Tri-Co were bounced in the first round by Park Towne United. What do you say, Tri-Co? Are you ready for the big move?

Prediction: Quaker City and Mt. Laurel were so impressive in Tercera last season, but I’m putting my money on Nittany United. They scored a lot last year but gave up too many goals. If they can solve their defensive issues, they’ll be a tough group to beat.


Park Towne United finished third last year, but the first, second, fourth and fifth place teams have all moved up to Segunda. Does this mean Park Towne will waltz through the leauge this season? Not if FC Spartans and Revolution 76 have anything to say about it. Spartans had no trouble scoring, but they couldn’t keep the ball out of their net last season. I remember watching a NOVA special on human beauty that listed Halle Berry as the most beautiful celebrity because her face was the most symmetrical. Congratulations, Rev76: You’re the Halle Berry of Casa. After a 3-3-3 record last year with 11 goals for and 11 goals against, Rev76 could make the next step and challenge for the title, or maybe they’re riding a lucky streak and it will all fall apart. I guess that’s why we play the games.

Prediction: Park Towne. PTU should be the best team in Tercera. The teams coming up from Abierto are very talented, but Casa is a strong league so AOH61, Spruce Goose and Sweet Lucy’s might not be the wrecking balls they were last year. Organized Chaos had a tough run in Segunda last season, so I think they’ll also make a push back to the second division.


Without looking at rosters or last year’s records, it looks like the Sons of Ben have a 25% chance of winning Abierto this season. But will it happen? Sons of Ben Zolo finished in third place last year and should be favorites to grab a spot in Tercera. There was a lot of offense in Abierto last year, but a lot of the firepower has moved up to Tercera. Will we see a different story this year? Will the new teams provide the same high-scoring matches we saw last season? What’s the story, Abierto? Who’s going to step up?

Prediction: A lot of new teams here, and I’m not sure what the Sons of Ben teams will look like. How do you guys operate? Will it be the same rosters as last year? Has anybody moved around? The first 11 guys to show up are Zolo? I have no idea who the new teams in this division are. If you’re out there, introduce yourself. If you make a convincing argument, maybe I’ll change my prediction from FC Kilbanes. Kilbanes dropped 24 goals last term but somehow managed to let in 36. 36! I just don’t think they can do that again. The defense is better, Kilbanes are going up.


  1. I think this season will bring about the truest Primera table since the league’s inception now that play will be at the historic PSC

  2. this is great, looking forward to a competitive season in segunda.

  3. My team is very excited about being the Halle Berry of Casa. I think a team name change might be in order.

  4. watch out for the Sidewinders this year in the Abierto!

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