Weekly schedule

This is the schedule for the week.  The long-term coverage schedule can be found here.

First, key notes.

  • Updates: Editors should update this with changes during the week as necessary.
  • Corrections: If you see something omitted or wrong, please correct it.
  • Pending posts: Writers are asked to please set their respective posts’ status as Pending the afternoon before the post is scheduled to run. Writers should also contact the daily editor for the day their piece is scheduled to run to let them know that their post is pending.
  • Templates: If you see a link, click it to see the template.


Monday, May 3

Editor: Travis

  1. News roundup: Sean
  2. NYC photo essay: Rob
  3. NYC player ratings: Sean
Tuesday, May 4

Editor: Jim

  1. News roundup: Sean
  2. NYC match analysis: Chris
  3. Column: Jim
  4. Atlanta match preview: Andrew

Philadelphia Union vs. Atlanta United, 8:00 p.m.

  • Match report: Mike
  • Twitter: Nick
  • Photo: Marjorie
Wednesday, May 5

Editor: Pete

  1. News roundup: Gabriel
  2. Atlanta player ratings: Mike
Thursday, May 6

Editor: Pete

  1. News roundup: Ben
  2. Atlanta photo essay: Marjorie
  3. International roster slot piece: Tim
  4. Column: Ben
Friday, May 7

Editor: Chris (please have pieces saved in pending by Thursday evening)

  1. News roundup: TBD
  2. Casa roundup: Paul
  3. Chicago match preview: Ben
Saturday, May 8

Philadelphia Union @ Chicago Fire

  • Match report: Mike
  • Twitter: Jim
Sunday, May 9

No planned content

Notes on particular posts

  • Union match previewsThese run the Friday before a weekend game and the morning of a weekday game.
  • Union match reportsThese go live as soon as possible.
  • Union midweek games: These condense the schedule. Use your judgment in terms of spacing the posts out or packing them tightly.
  • Union II match reportsThese also go live as soon as possible, but it’s acceptable to run this first thing in the morning after a night game.
  • Podcasts: These are posted live whenever we get them, although include them in the morning schedule. (i.e. If the Philly Soccer Show goes live at CBS Radio on a Tuesday night, run a post at PSP on the subsequent Wednesday morning.) Mike Servedio will post these.
  • Union photo essays: Go live the Monday after a Saturday game, ideally. If late, they go live on Tuesday. Adjust accordingly for different game days.
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