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Monday, December 14

Editor: Travis

  1. News roundup: Sean
  2. Brendan Burke column: Tim
  3. 2020 photos: Paul R.
  4. Transfer targets: Paul C.
Tuesday, December 15

Editor: Jim

  1. Column: Thomas
Wednesday, December 16

Editor: Pete

  1. News roundup: John
  2. 2021 depth chart: Tim
Thursday, December 17

Editor: Steve

No planned content

Friday, December 18

Editor: Pete

  1. News roundup: Sara
Saturday, December 19

No planned content

Sunday, December 20

No planned content

Notes on particular posts

  • Union match previewsRun these two days before a weekend game. If on a weekday, run this the day before a game if possible. Optional to run this the same day as a game.
  • Union match reportsThese go live as soon as possible.
  • Union midweek games: These condense the schedule. Use your judgment in terms of spacing the posts out or packing them tightly.
  • Bethlehem match reportsThese also go live as soon as possible, but it’s acceptable to run this first thing in the morning after a night game.
  • Podcasts: These are posted live whenever we get them, although include them in the morning schedule. (i.e. If the Philly Soccer Show goes live at CBS Radio on a Tuesday night, run a post at PSP on the subsequent Wednesday morning.) Mike Servedio will post these.
  • Union photo essays: Go live the Monday after a Saturday game, ideally. If late, they go live on Tuesday. Adjust accordingly for different game days.

Column ideas

Here are some outstanding column ideas for folks to consider writing.

  • The Aaronson sale. This is a huge deal. I expected someone would take it on, so I basically skimmed over it when I came up with a last minute column this past weekend for the first time in God knows how long. This is still crying out for PSP’s take. Someone — anyone! — tell me what this transfer means to Aaronson, to the club, to local youth development, etc. If MLSsoccer.com could blow it up with multiple pieces, we can certainly run a column on it.
  • Anthony Fontana is playing out of his mind (as a finisher, at least). Someone make sense of it for me. Someone tell me as a reader what he’s doing, where he’s succeeding (finishing, getting shots off, doing his best Clint Dempsey imitations by trying crazy creative stuff), where he’s failing (still not the best in the possession game), and where he fits into things next year after Aaronson is gone. Is he a 10? A striker? A shuttler on the side of the diamond?
  • The Union have become a politically active team. This was once a rarity in pro sports, but times have changed, and the Union are out front and center. From Bedoya and Gaddis and even the coach (Curtin) to young guys like Mark McKenzie, this is a team of straight-talking free thinkers who do more than just kick the damn ball. Someone give me an appreciation of this. I love this evolution. Do you? Or do you dislike it? Is it a problem for the team? Put it in context with what else is happening in the world, and tell me whether you think it’s affected the way this team plays.
  • The old guard. Mark McKenzie did a great interview with MLSsoccer.com’s Extra Time podcast last week, and Charlie Davies was one of the interviewers, which was super amusing, given they were teammates. It got me thinking: How much has this crop of great young Union players benefited from coming up to the first team while there were four former USMNT players on the Union? (Bedoya, Davies, Onyewu, and Edu.) McKenzie talked about it a bit.
  • The Union get more goals off the bench than any team in the league. (Yes, that’s an actual stat.) Someone break that down for me and explain why. This is particularly notable considering how much Jim Curtin has been pilloried over the years for poor use of subs. At one time, he deserved it. Does he still? It looks like he’s taken basketball’s sixth man concept and made it a way of life, a significant innovation that has hugely benefited the Union. Funny what having more talent and depth will do for you.
  • Andre Blake’s comeback year. After the worst year of his career (by a country mile), Blake is back in top form and may be the league’s best goalkeeper this season. Someone break down the numbers and give me an appreciation of this. Explain what it means to the team. Is he their MVP? And if so, should he be a candidate for MLS MVP? (The answer is yes.)
  • A Ray Gaddis appreciation. Gaddis is a key starter for the Union. Who would have thought we’d be saying that? He outlasted all his contemporaries. Yes, he’s still limited offensively, but he’s a starter for one of the league’s best teams. (And we now see that Mbaizo is probably not the answer as his replacement.) Give me something on that. Or hell, tell the world I’m wrong, and Mbaizo needs to start.
  • The Union are winning despite significant injuries and international absences. This seems overlooked. Break it down.
  • Are the Union good enough to win the title?
  • The 2020 Philadelphia Union for the (other Philly teams) Fan (from Steve E.) — idea for a somewhat self-deprecating post or series.
    • Sebastian LeToux: the Union’s Wayne Gretzky (insert better Flyer reference here); beloved by fans and energetic during play; one of the true heroes of the Philadelphia Union history
    • Ilsinho: The Union’s 2017 Nick Foles – never the coaches first choice as a starter, but comes in as a superstar to save the day when called upon;
    • Phang: they say Gritty was born in the depths of the Wells Fargo Center; Phang also has a local backstory, found on the banks of the Delaware river – most likely a slightly polluted part of the river which would explain how our beloved snake grew a mohawk (and arms)
    • Doop: the Union’s goal anthem that the Flyers plagiarized for a season – played frequently during home games


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