Schedule: Raves

Here is the schedule of Raves. Each Rave will run at 10:30 am. I will schedule them to run in advance. (Editors, just doublecheck to make sure I got it. I’ve been working insane hours of late.)  –Dan

  • Monday, Sep. 17: Intro to series by Dan
  • Monday, Sep. 17: Ilsinho, by Pete Mazzacaro
  • Tues., Sep. 18:Andre Blake, by Dan Walsh
  • Wed., Sep. 19: Matt Mahoney, by Tim Jones
  • Thur., Sep. 20: Alejandro Bedoya, by Steve Whisler
  • Fri., Sep. 21: Borek Dockal, by John Osborn
  • Mon., Sep. 24: Brendan Burke, by Christian Sandler
  • Tue., Sep. 25: Haris Medunjanin, by Chris Gibbons
  • Wed., Sep. 26: Jack Elliott, by Sara Griswold
  • Thur., Sep. 27: Ray Gaddis, by Gerald van Wilgen
  • Fri., Sep. 28: Brendan Aaronson, by Ryan Rose
  • Mon., Oct. 1: Fabinho, by Pete Andrews