Internal polls

Please vote by Thursday, Dec. 7 — and preferably as soon as possible, to give writers more time. The polls close on Dec. 8.

In case of tie: If there’s a tie, the writer of the post is the tiebreaker, the same as we do with our Player of the Week votes. (i.e. If you’re assigned to write the Men’s Player of the Year post and there’s a tie between Sapong and Blake, whoever you think should win the award will win the award.

Recommendations: For awards on which I think many of you won’t be familiar with the candidates, I’ll add my recommendation.

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Dan’s recommendation: Amirah Ali. We missed this one big time last year. This is our chance to make up for it. Also, she earned it. Here are some links for her: here, here, and here.

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Dan’s recommendation: Penn FC group or Bill Salvatore. The Penn FC concept is fascinating, but the drawback is that we don’t yet see how it will function in practice. As for Salvatore, the Philly Unity Cup is a great idea in concept, though it clearly has its flaws. I think either is worthwhile. (Note: The Unity Cup may get recognized as our local soccer event of the year, so you don’t have to vote for Salvatore just to give the event recognition.) 

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Dan’s recommendation: Blaise Santangelo, unless there’s a great high school or college coach I’ve overlooked. (I hope there is, so please find us one!) None feel like great candidates. Santangelo has won this award from us the last two years after taking West Chester United to the national amateur title. They made the NPSL playoffs this year in their first season in the league. Brendan Burke also got Bethlehem to the playoffs despite a rotating cast of players. 

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Dan’s recommendation: Find someone better that I’ve overlooked, unless you’re OK with giving Ali two separate awards. Keep in mind we have to write two posts. 😉 Fontana is on the list, but he’s not a good choice because he missed most of the year due to injury. McKenzie was good for Bethlehem Steel but hasn’t been an every game starter for Wake Forest until the NCAA tourney. 

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Dan’s recommendation: Conestoga High School boys team.  A state title, , No. 1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region by Top Drawer Soccer, a top 10 national ranking — seems like enough. Honorable mention to the Refugee Team, just because. Background on Conestoga here, here and here