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Ghana-Nigeria: A look at yesterday's west African face-off

“But the Nigerians, also featuring several under-20s due to headaches of their own- chiefly a hamstrung Joseph Yobo and suspended Onyekachi Apam- proved one- dimensional in too many attacks on net, with Martins often left alone to contend with a blanket of twin defenders before running into the keeper.”

Fan Culture

On Spirituality and Football

The BBC World Service recently ran a segment concerning the confluence of faith and football. It was interesting in that it depicted how nuanced and sophisticated, as well as deeply entrenched, one’s spiritual beliefs can be with their sporting life in the beautiful game. The discussion ran the gambit from […]

World Cup - International

Like Christmas in June: the World Cup!

It’s very easy to conflate futebole with the widespread euphoria of the holidays, especially when you’re sitting in a church service given entirely in the beautiful language of Portuguese, a language which I have a very tenuous grasp of at best (with special thanks to Manu Chao and Little Joy, […]

UEFA / World Cup - International

France v Ireland Handball Debacle Demands Instant Replay

FIFA’a failure to apply its discretion in a manner befitting the integrity of the game- they were quick to deny a replay between Ireland and France- calls for prudent measures that could not only prevent future blunders, but also any accompanying conspiracy theories (with the French going through, Platini and […]

UEFA / World Cup - International

FIFA Advises The World On How To Smile On While Your Mistress Congratulates Your New Wife

Woe unto the Irish but the conventional wisdom- wisdom honed through years of bonehead mistakes or missed calls that have melded us all together through the shared experience of gut wrenching pain- would say they had their chances, and yes, even officiating mistakes are something you expose yourself to if […]