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Player ratings: Philadelphia Union 3-4 Chicago Fire

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Another game, another last minute collapse that leads to a Union loss. Despite taking a 3-1 lead at Chicago in the second half, the last 1o minutes of the match proved to be fatal for the Union as Chicago scored 3 unanswered goals to win it 4-3. The result marks a franchise-first for the Philadelphia Union–the first time the team has lost 5 consecutive matches.

On that note, onto the rankings, I guess?

Starting XI:

Oliver Semmle – 2

Say what you will, but I believe that the goalie and the back line can only be as good as they let each other be. Semmle seems to lack the ability to direct his defenders, which leaves them (and him) standing there, wide-eyed when a ball slings past them into the net. Will say, while I can understand the frustration, the obvious post-goal temper tantrums belong in the locker room, not in net.

Kai Wagner – 2

Horrible miscalculation running back to try and stop first Chicago goal. Wasn’t as active on the offensive side of the ball as we’ve come to expect from him.

Jakob Glesnes – 2

Not sure if he even saw the ball during the first Chicago goal? Continues a streak of reacting late, being slow to get back to the back line, and not anticipating the opponents’ passes.

Jack Elliott – 2

Have to appreciate his speed to get back in hopes of trying to block the first goal, but ended up leaving the ball at Haile-Selassie’s feet. Another head-scratching performance from the duo that has been the heart of this Union team in recent years.

Nathan Harriel – 3

It’s no secret that Harriel could do with becoming more dynamic with his defending. Right now, however, it’s tough to see how he can learn to do that when the defense is coming undone from all sides.

Jesus Bueno – 4

Wasn’t involved in any of the goals scored or given up, but seemed to be everywhere at all times with an energy I wish the rest of the team had. Extra shoutout to him for being on temper tantrum prevention duty.

Jack McGlynn – 5

Shot off both posts for a goal? Call me crazy, but sometimes I dream about what Jack McGlynn would get up to if we played him as a forward instead of in midfield. (I said call me crazy, didn’t I?)

Leon Flach – 4

Was everywhere trying to help throughout the night, but a turnover did lead to the first Chicago goal. Unsure whether his assist to Donovan was intentional, or a right place/right time situation.

Daniel Gazdag – 5

What would be more fitting to make Gazdag the all time leading scorer for the Union than a penalty kick? Puts the team up 2-1 going into the half, which has been a rare occurrence lately. Say what you will, but with Julian Carranza gone, I think Gazdag may step up in more ways than one to be a leader for this team.

Chris Donovan – 4

First goal of the season, even if it was off a deflection! At this point, I think I’ll just take whatever silver linings I can get.

Quinn Sullivan – 3

Early assist to Gazdag for a potential goal early in the first half that was eventually called back for offsides. Other than that, an unusually quiet game.


Jeremy Rafanello- N/A

Geiger Counter:

Abdou Ndiaye – 7 

Did everything in his, and VAR’s power, to throw us a lifeline.

Player of the Match: 

VAR? The goalposts? Surely it wasn’t anyone in a Union jersey.

What’s Next

The Union travel home to host New York Red Bulls at Subaru Park for a rivalry match-up. Kick-off  is set for 7:30 PM ET on Saturday, July 6, with the action on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.


  1. These are good ratings I think

  2. Watching the second half on crapple and the team defending with their heads up their butts! The ratings should be a point lower across the board for that loss! Thanks for your contribution to this thread! Appreciate the great work!!

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