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In pictures: Philadelphia Union 4-1 Columbus Crew SC

All photos credit Howie Pollard

PSP photographer Howie Pollard was on hand for the frigid home opener Saturday night as the Union begin the 2023 campaign with a 4-1 victory over the visiting Columbus Crew. Although the temperature was low, the energy level in the stadium could not have been more electric. With plenty of big moments to focus on, here is what he saw.

Union fans flooded the stadium as soon as the gates were open and the electricity was palpable.

Phang was rocking the new alternative kit and was racing around the pitch leaving a trail of smiles in his wake.

Andre Blake putting in work during Pre Game as he prepares for the Crew.

Joaquin Torres gave us a preview of the magic he can provide with some rather cheeky juggling during pre-game.

Always a incredible sight as the players of today are joined by the future stars of tomorrow for our opening ceremonies.

Julian Carranza had an opportunity early, but was stopped due to an offsides call.

A few too many appearances from the gents in pink drew the scrutiny of the Union fans during the first half of the game

Alejandro Bedoya with a cross attempting to spark the first goal of the season.

Bedoya’s cross found its mark but not the back of the net. Even if the shot would have fell, the Offsides Flag went up immediately.

Daniel Gazdag is tracking the service from Kai Wagner but is beaten to the header by Milos Degenek.

Mikael Urhe gets called for the foul as he fights to get past the Columbus defender.

The Union had multiple scoring opportunities in the first half, however the Columbus defenders continue to scramble to keep their sheet clean.

Julian Carranza got a good look at the net, but was unable to make solid contact as the shot was deflected by Columbus.

Alejandro Bedoya leads the attack and finds Julian Carranza for a shot in the first half.

Julian Carranza takes the pass from Bedoya but is unable to sneak it past Patrick Schulte.

Daniel Gazdag sends a shot toward goal as first half stoppage time draws near.

Kai Wagner provides service which will eventually lead to penalty kick for Daniel Gazdag.

Jack Elliot gets up high on the service from Wagner.

Alejandro Bedoya fields the volley from Elliot and send it towards the net eventually leading to a handball on the Columbus Crew.

Daniel Gazdag looks to the sideline before setting up for the first of his two penalty kicks on the night.

Daniel Gazdag ties the game up at 1-1 with this penalty kick in the 3rd min of stoppage time in the first half.

The Union Celebrate the first goal of the season.

Julian Carranza pops the header over the crossbar after Wagner found him near the back post in the opening minutes of the second half.

Daniel Gazdag feeds the ball wide to Bedoya after Jose Martinez made a great defensive play at midfield to start the counter attack.

Aljeandro Bedoya took the pass from Gazdag and found a streaking Carranza who finished the play with an off balanced flick past the keeper to make it 2-1 Union.

The celebration erupts as the Union claim the lead for good in the home opener.

The Sons of Ben erupt as Carranza put the Union ahead for good.

Julian Carranza was looking for more as he launches for the header only to be snatched away by a high flying Schulte.

Alejandro Bedoya battles to keep the ball alive with a great header that lands at the feet of Gazdag.

Daniel Gazdag sends the cross that leads to the Handball and another penalty kick opportunity for the Union.

Daniel Gazdag reproduced his success of the first half with his second PK of the evening putting the Union ahead 3-1.

Daniel Gazdag gets a big reaction out of Kai Wagner as they celebrate the second of the night for Gazdag.

Joaquin Torres makes his Union debut memorable as he spun around two defenders finally delivering a beautiful pass to Carranza who sent it right under the outstretched arm of the Columbus goalie.

Julian Carranza played with unbelievable intensity in this game and it was on full display after he scored the fourth and final goal of the evening.

Carranza embraced Torres after the goal as Union fans hope that this is the start of something beautiful.

For more photos, check out Howie’s Facebook page at MSG Photography and fell free to leave comments.

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