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Preseason in pictures: Philadelphia Union 3-1 FC Cincinnati

All photos credit Paul Rudderow

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow came out of retirement and braved the Florida heat to witness the Philadelphia Union easily defeat FC Cincinnati 3-1 in a preseason match in Clearwater. These are two teams that know each other well and for a “friendly,” it was not very friendly. Both teams came to play an extended 120-minute game that saw most of the Union players in action.
Here’s what he saw.

The Union get ready for the start of the game.

Joaquin Torres works his way to the center and fires a blast to start the goal scoring.

Julian Carranza looks to make it 2-0.

Daniel Gazdag gets behind the defense but just offsides.

The game was well attended for a Florida preseason match.

Olivier Mbaizo readies for the throw-in.

Alejandro Bedoya stretching for the ball.

Torres with a nice backheel pass in traffic.

Kai Wagner getting ready to take another corner kick.

Andre Blake taking a break between quarters.

Carranza was all smiles after scoring the Union’s second goal.

Leon Flach tracks down a loose ball.

Ray Gaddis at the ready.

Sergio Santos runs into a Jack Elliott brick wall and Jose Martinez jumps on the ball.

Gazdag makes the penalty kick look so easy.

Matt Real gets tangled up with Alvas Powell.

Anton Sorenson looking to get involved in the game.

Damion Lowe settles the ball down in a crowd.

Jesus Bueno bringing the ball out of the back.

Jeremy Rafanello and Mikael Uhre try to make it four.

Jack McGlynn takes one in the ankle.

Brandan Craig played well at center back.

Gazdag has time for a few pictures.

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.


  1. I’ve watched the ‘transactions’ intently this off season.

    No one has upgraded in MLS…. all subtracted…. except Ernst and the Union.

    ‘Vagner’, Martinez… the young’uns still here…. and watch, this Torrez, much much better than the name sake, Roger!

    LAFC… ‘complaining’ in the MLS media constantly…. just a smoke screen for the great job Ernst has done.

    It’s definitely PHL’s year.

    Win the MLS Cup in Chester boys.

    We all deserve it!


  2. Open missive to Jim Curtin.


    ‘trust in Earnie… Curtin, not so much”?

    I know you do.

    Yeah… It’s me, and I have not felt that way for the past few years, despite the calls for “FIRE HIM” from section 114! LOL…

    As much as the USMNT might mean to you, forget that infected “Coangelo” organization and focus on your destiny of bringing MULTIPLE MLS Cups to Chester.

    USMNT is just a terribly run organization that Earnie vacated for reason… because even he could not change the fractured norm, for the better.

    I sincerely apologize for asking for your job, for years.


    It is your destiny.

  3. Since there’s no appropriate place for this comment: the Muffintop jerseys are not a success. They don’t suck, but the light blue has been so hot for so long, this feels like a miss.

    • How is “success” defined? Sales?
      Here is how I classify my feelings about kits: (1) “not my style”, (2) “like, but not enough to buy”, and (3)“I might actually buy that one.”
      To-date, only one compelled me to buy: The black Bethlehem Steel tribute jersey.
      My final opinion is on hold until it is seen in action on match day. For now, I vacillate between 1 and 2.

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