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Match Report: D.C. United 0-6 Philadelphia Union

photo: Stephen Speer

Julian Carranza scored his second hattrick of the season against D.C. United as Philadelphia Union ran riot in the nation’s capital with a 6-0 win. Mikael Uhre, Daniel Gazdag, and Cory Burke also found the back of the net as Philadelphia trounced United for the second time this summer, outscoring them 13-0 over two matches.

Jim Curtin made three changes to the team that lost in Dallas on Wednesday. Olivier Mbaizo returned at right back while Mikael Uhre returned up top. Jack McGlynn came in on the left of the diamond in place of Leon Flach.

The first clear cut chance of the game came to D.C. in the 16th minute. Ravel Morrison found time and space to shoot from inside the Union box after a long ball from the United defense, but Andre Blake was up to the challenge and did very well to save down to his right from close range.

D.C. would come close again in the 19th minute. Jakob Glesnes’ poor clearance fell straight to Taxi Fountas, and his strong effort from the left side hit squarely against the right post and came out.

Philadelphia would take the lead in the 37th minute. Julian Carranza crossed into the box from the right side, and Uhre did ever so well to control the ball with his chest around a D.C. defender. The striker then patiently pushed the ball to his right and held off a challenge before finishing low into the far post from 10 yards out.

The Union would double their advantage in first half stoppage time. Uhre again got on the ball inside the United box and did well to stay patient, eventually drawing a clumsy challenge from Jose Alfaro. Gazdag stepped up to take and sent Rafael Romo the wrong way before slotting home with a low shot to the right side.

Carranza would make it 3-0 just after halftime with a brilliant finish. The Union turned D.C. over in their own half and Gazdag found Carranza on the edge of the United box. The striker cut in on his favored left foot and curled a lovely effort into the side netting from the top of the area.

It would be Carranza again in the 70th minute. After a frantic sequence in the United box where the ball pinged around, Cory Burke smashed a shot off the right post and the rebound fell to Carranza who nutmegged Romo from 8 yards out.

Carranza would complete his hattrick in the 74th minute off another mistake from Romo. The goalkeeper tried to build play out of the back but instead turned the ball over to Carranza, who patiently rounded Romo and fired into the empty net for his 12th goal of the season.

Cory Burke would make it 6-0 in the 79th minute. McGlynn weighted a perfect pass into the path of the striker, who curled in a nice effort from 16 yards out on the right side that again caught Romo out of position as his near post.

The Union are next in action when they host Colorado next Saturday (7:30 p.m.).

Three Points

Three Headed Monster. Daniel Gazdag (13), Julian Carranza (12), and Mikael Uhre (9) now have a combined 34 goals on the season, the highest amount from the top three Union goal scorers in a single season. Hat tip to Matt DeGeorge for the stats.

Weathered. D.C. actually started brightly and very easily could have had a penalty and scored twice in the opening half an hour. But they weren’t able to find the back of the net as Andre Blake made some top class saves and Philly made them pay. And then made them pay over and over and over again.

Romo. I have no idea what Rafael Romo was doing in the D.C. goal and he can pretty easily be blamed for the fourth, fifth and sixth goals that Philly scored.

Philadelphia Union

Andre Blake, Kai Wagner, Jakob Glesnes, Jack Elliott, Olivier Mbaizo (Nathan Harriel 85′), Jose Martinez, Jack McGlynn, Alejandro Bedoya (Leon Flach 69′), Daniel Gazdag (Paxten Aaronson 68′), Mikael Uhre (Cory Burke 64′), Julian Carranza (Quinn Sullivan 85′)
Subs: Matt Freese, Chris Donovan, Brandan Craig, Matt Real

D.C. United

Rafael Romo, Jose Alfaro, Sami Guediri (Kimarni Smith 69′), Christopher Durkin, Andy Najar, Victor Palsson, Ravel Morrison (Sofiane Djeffal 69′), Jackson Hopkins (Theodore Ku-Dipietro 69′), Taxi Fountas, Martín Rodríguez (Ola Kamara 68′), Miguel Berry
Subs: Russell Canouse, David Ochoa, Donovan Pines, Chris Odoi-Atsem, Drew Skundrich

Scoring Summary

PHI: Mikael Uhre – 37′ (Carranza, Gazdag)
PHI: Daniel Gazdag – 45+4′ (PK)
PHI: Julian Carranza – 47′ (Gazdag)
PHI: Julian Carranza – 70′
PHI: Julian Carranza 74′
PHI: Cory Burke – 79′ (McGlynn, Martinez)

Disciplinary Summary



  1. Couldn’t convert the extra point this time, but I believe they’ve extended their MLS record for most 6+ goal wins in a season.
    While Carranza’s first is the one that will get the headlines, I was most impressed by Uhre’s goal. The McGlynn pass to setup Burke was also amazing.
    Good that they were able to come out of the game without any yellow cards.
    A few days rest before another run of 3 games in a week, this time all 3 are winnable (two at home and one in New Jersey against a team with a dismal home record).
    Hopefully Sullivan and Aaronson can get some significant minutes tomorrow night in a huge game for Union 2.

  2. Having dinner with my in-laws tonight. Checking in a few times for the score. Couldn’t believe that score line. Got home in time to see the highlights. DC are bad. Hope they give Rooney some time and players to get it turned around.

    But on the other hand! Wow! Tanner and company have found some great players! The academy is producing great players! Our manager is putting together a game plan and is able to trust the bench for rotation. AND the bench is producing when they step on the pitch. Come on the U!

  3. Enrico del Savvagio says:

    Burke is changing my mind about his usefulness as an off-the-bench striker—and not because of his sweet finish (give McGlynn credit for that). It is his strength in one-on-one battles that is distinguishing him as a defensive disruptor.

    Yeah, DC is in disarray, but the U deserve credit for their energy output at the end of a grueling stretch. Well done.

    • Burke has a never-say-die attitude I have always appreciated. I was at a game a few years ago (can’t even remember the team), where Burke grabbed the ball. Everyone on both teams stopped running because they assumed a whistle was coming (I don’t recall, maybe a foul?). But Burke kept going. And it was a long enough run where you started to feel embarrassed for him. But he put the ball in past a keeper who was probably only half interested. And he wheeled away celebrating by himself. It took a minute or two to realize there had been no whistle and the goal would stand. He stuck with it when no one else did.

      • I love this about Burke. He is so determined and committed I find it very easy to root for him. Clearly not the most technical, not always on the same page with teammates and like all strikers is a confidence player but he has that confidence right now and he bossed the game before injury last time out and he showed again tonight he has a lot of value to this team.

        Not sure about the clean shaved head he had the tightest cut always looked good but more power to him. That goal was filthy

      • I believe that was against New England and I felt exactly as you did in that moment. Upon review, he was on by a mile and Haris’s pass over the line was so good it fooled 20,000 people.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Definitely against New England and was the margin for a 1-0 win. The AR raised the flag for offsides but the ref overruled him (correctly).

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Nice thoughts about Corey to all in this micro thread. Props.

  4. McGlynn to Burke and first time looped rocket — chefs kiss. But Carranza earned every single one of his goals through hard work. Of course, it was the whole team working hard. Gazdag fighting to win the ball on the sideline that led to the first… and Cory winning the race to pick the ball off the CB. Excellent from all! Well done!

  5. Looks like we have DC’s number this year, just like Cincinnati has ours…

  6. el Pachyderm says:

    Good team beat bad teams. Very good teams pulverize bad teams.
    Union are very good. I thought Martinez was outstanding tonight. Carry on.

  7. Union have an attacking XI that includes McGlynn and Mbaizo, and a more defensive XI with Flach and Harriel.

    We get to argue about which XI we would prefer every match.

    We have a U-20 MVP who can’t get on the pitch because the guy in front of him is having an MVP season

    These are good problems to have. Enjoy.

  8. OneManWolfpack says:

    Beat a bad team… as you should… AGAIN… this time in their house. I will never take 6-0, 7-0, as ho-hum. This was the 3rd game in 10 days. Could’ve easily been a let down. Nope. They embarrassed DC on their field this time. All around excellent stuff. Roll on gentleman.

  9. John P. O'Donnell says:

    Chicago has a huge game tomorrow with NYCFC who I don’t believe has won a game since they sold Tatty. Also Miami winning against Toronto and they now sit fifth in the East currently. That’s a huge surprise considering they had to clean house. With Orlando facing Charlotte tomorrow in a six point game the stretch run is hard to predict with so many teams still challenging.
    Meanwhile the Union taking care of business in stomp DC part 2. I might have called Burke dead a little to soon because that goal tonight was a thing of beauty. Looks like the team is starting to find rolls and the DP’s are starting to look like legitimate DP’s. I’m hoping they can finish with around 65 points to win the division and take a CCL spot for next year.
    Would anyone really think San Jose would knock off LAFC? Maybe they thought they were in the relegation zone?

  10. What a team. Hard to believe the Union have gotten this good. Solid across the entire squad. The best quality attackers we’ve ever had, a couple of central defenders and a keeper who are practically impenetrable… It’s a joy to watch (most of the time). I hope we keep this form into the MLS cup. This team is a contender for sure.

  11. Delco Roots says:

    Great line from Danny Higgenbottom on the broadcast: “Last year, the Union’s Plan B was just do Plan A better.” First of all, hysterical. Second of all, insightful. DC looked like a real team for the first 15-20 minutes, and effectively clogged the middle defensively. Then the U started stretching them horizontally and crossing the ball. This seemed to unlock a pretty poor team.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Martinez huge in that tactical alchemy too. His line drive penetrating balls give me chills even now… writing about them.

  12. Andy Muenz says:

    Anyone else catch Brenden Aaronson’s first Premier League goal? He took the ball away from the Chelsea keeper after a back pass and just dribbled it into the net.

  13. Brilliant… even Martinez. Kept his cool, played like the leader he should be. Almost lost it with Kamara, but very, very well done. McGlynm continues to impress… and how lucky to have Flach, Harriel and the kids to go to. Thank YOU Herr Tanner.

    In years past we played down to teams like this. Great job Jim, getting the Boys ready after Dallas (tough loss, but playoff preview)… and sustaining throughout.

    21 point to run the schedule.

    Host MLS Cup 2022 in Chester.

  14. Went to the match. Indeed, almost felt bad for DC…almost ;). Montreal are on a roll too with a 4-0 win yesterday against the Revs. We’re still unable to get that elusive sixth point to get a two win lead on the East. The lesson…stay focused, and Jim seems intent on keeping them so.

    CCL question. If Montreal wins the East and we finish second, do we get the CCL spot for best US team in the East or does it go to next best record in either the East or West where a team line Austin might get it? My understanding is that Canada only gets one spot through the Canadian Championship that Vancouver won.

    • Don’t have an answer to your question, but I was thinking the exact same question last night.
      Most likely MLS will make up some rule so Philly doesn’t get it.

  15. Crikey, DC United are rubbish. Rooney prolly regrets returning.

    Nice attack force the Union got, and the keeper is solid.

    One thing about this league and its fandom that puzzles me as a Brit is how people celebrate when one of its players gets snatched up to play in the UK or Europe. I just do not get that and its seems bonkers and unhelpful for MLS to become truly world class.

    Great… Philly’s former best player scores for Leeds, but they have been a perpetually mediocre side for a generation. Why not keep the talented lad on board here?

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I could have kicked around The Hooters tour in mid 90’s. The gol always being to play in PGA—best league in the world. Course a healthy cocaine habit, no real talent for golf and a burning desire for gin on the regular kinda deep 6’d that plan. Anyway….
      Brendan will make way more money. Union will likely make way more money with him there… and MLS is still nowhere close to these leagues in terms of player quality… yet .
      Rickie Graham, when he launched Union Academy is on the record —-for stating, in his opinion this ‘MLS thing’ is as much about raising the level of the National Team pool as it is about anything.
      Build them.
      Debut them.
      Vet them.
      Sell them.
      I love LOVE seeing Brendan Aaronson playing in premiere league more than I ever would watching him play in Chester-shire. Be well. Welcome to PA.

    • Here in the States, as starved as we have been for soccer to take hold as it finally is starting to do, part of the excitement is based in experience. We older folks (myself included) were unlucky enough to be forced to watch SMIG (Soccer Made in Germany), which exposed everyone to the Bundesliga, but we had limited exposure to other leagues, and teams. Within the past twenty or so years, we have been graced with the opportunity to watch Premiere League, La Liga and Ligue 1, along with Serie A. We know that MLS has good quality, but we are still a bit starstruck when we see Brenden Aaronson on the same field as Christian Pulisic who, although reared sixty miles away, still was snatched to Chelsea. The second point is more important however. Set aside the “starstruck”, and we still are benefiting from seeing the Americans being discussed internationally, and the fact that the kids came from American training and preparation. That will only help with both future players being valued correctly and with the quality of play in MLS getting its due respect. It’s a long game that has been developed, and was led in the ’70s by Ajax. Now the Union, at least, are following in those footsteps. While I am not comparing Total Football to the Union’s Academy, I am glad to see that players developed here, and playing here, have been recognized for being of such quality as to move into the more respected (rightly or wrongly) leagues in Europe.

      • True. Soccer Made In Germany…there’s a throwback for the gray haired. I liked SMIG showing the match of the week in Bundesliga cut down to an hour with Toby Charles announcing. Then again it was the only soccer you could get besides WC highlights on VCR tapes.
        . . .
        The first US player making a note in Europe who appeared in Philly was a USMNT friendly against Sheffield Wednesday at Veteran’s Stadium in the Summer of 1991. It was right after the USMNT qualified for its first WC in the modern era with WC94 coming nexf. Notorious team captain and teammate wife shagger John Harkes was playing for SW. Over 40k attended and it was a deemed a huge event for all soccer fans to attend.
        . . .
        Like old Virginia Slims, we’ve come a long way. It does make me appreciate what we have now though amd where it’s going.

    • Regarding our relishing Brenden’s accomplishments in European leagues, if you believe’s ratings (and I think they’re a reasonable cross-league comp), MLS is roughly equivalent/very slightly below EFL Championship. What Championship club doesn’t snatch up that sweet, sweet Premier League cash for its best young talent? Even within the PL you see things like Villa’s academy grown star Jack Grealish move to Oil City as a rotation option. It’s part and parcel of the football food chain and that’s ok.
      Moreover, Leeds United is a storied, historical club that’s spent some time in the wilderness but looks potentially ascendant and has, under Bielsa and now Marsch, been playing fun, exciting football. However they fare, “He’s one of Our Own.”
      Also, shoutout to Tim for the SMIG reference. I remember watching that as a kid. “IT”S IN THE NET!”

      • I have taken one of my extremely knowledgeable Brit pals (who is connected to Brighton Hove Albion in the EPL) to watch the U over the past three years. Pre-pandemic, he thought that the Union played at a mid-table Championship level. He went to the Columbus game with us and he was very impressed by the defense–he thought high Championship, promoted EPL as the level.

        I watched the game and my only comment is, can’t the Union play DC United every week?

      • Sunday nights, black and white on PBS and only when my parents had already dozed off so that I could get the channel changed without hearing “Yo, I’m watching that!”. I had high school teammates that played for FC Bayern, as the club was named, no doubt because they had seen Bayern play on SMIG.

    • Rooney also rubbished his team yesterday, a major team relationship mistake. He also should have played his scrubs after halftime given the score.
      . . .
      MLS can’t pragmatically stop players from going for the big show and money in Europe’s top leagues. The dealing brings money back to MLS teams to grow the league. It’ll take more time, but eventually MLS will be a place to go rather than a feeder league.
      . . .
      The MLS growth model for now is smart. Besides timing it too early, the old NASL failed due to poorly funded teams playing against a Time Warner owned behemoth New York Cosmos who brought in Pele, Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, and other marquee players. Cosmos dominated the league and it was the only team fans cared to follow.
      . . .
      MLS is growing through salary caps and controlled ownership groups who usually have sports backgrounds.
      . . .
      Bundesliga has fallen in interest because Bayern Munich always wins it. Dynastic teams created by a Sheikh Cashwadi or Ruslan Rubles kill competitiveness. For most other teams, the season is over before it starts and kills hope of future success.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        I remember going to those Cosmos games as a kid (grew up in North Jersey). I rooted for them for awhile, but then when they kept signing big name after big name it was too much like rooting for the Yankees so I would go to games to root against them.
        Was especially happy to go to the Soccer Bowl in ’79 when the Cosmos were eliminated in the playoffs and didn’t even make it to the big game.

    • He probably makes as much money at Leeds as the entire team.

  16. Thanks for the insights, mates. Still trying to figure this all out here in the States. Looking forward to the World Cup! Actually be pulling for the Yanks! This English side has talent galore, but Southgate is a tool. Cheers…

    • I don’t know, Andrew. . . there are nights when I think many of us who follow USMNT would trade Berhalter for Southgate even up.

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