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Player ratings: New York City FC 2-0 Philadelphia Union

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

The Philadelphia Union continued their strong run of form to start the 2022 MLS season, picking up a 2-0 road win at Yankee Stadium over New York City FC. Philadelphia was looking to avenge their 2021 postseason loss to NYC in the Eastern Conference final, adding extra emotion to a usually physical matchup.

On to the ratings.

Player Ratings

Andre Blake – 7

Wasn’t a whole lot for the goalkeeper to do on the afternoon, did make one big stop early on a Talles Mango opportunity. 2nd consecutive clean sheet for the Jamaican.

Nathan Harriel– 9

Another very strong outing for the young right back. Kept Magno at bay for the majority of the game and provided an excellent cross to Gazdag for the second goal. Provides strong defense and some offense on the right side, exactly what the Union were looking for.

Jack Elliott – 6

A pretty good afternoon for Elliott, did well to step up and pick off any New York passes to try and spring counter attacks. Had the one scare with the Rodriguez breakaway, then red card and penalty – but VAR luckily wiped that all way.

Jakob Glesnes– 7

Similar to Elliott, except for the VAR scare. Glenses is always an option on set pieces, drawing defenders to open space for others like on the first goal. No defensive mishaps from the center back.

Kai Wagner– 7

Played a great free kick into the box for the first goal, and was sound defensively on the left. The shorter field may have actually helped Wagner in transition, the only positive of Yankee Stadium.

Leon Flach – 6

A good showing from Flach when the midfield needed to be compact and stop transition. Flach is great when he needs minimal offensive involvement, which was the case Saturday.

Alejandro Bedoya – 7

A second goal for the captain on the year, who was left wide open on the second ball in the box for an easy finish. Able to finish out a whole 90 minutes, helping close NYCFC transitions.

Daniel Gazdag – 7

His first outing on the miniature pitch at Yankee Stadium, and hard to drive offense when you have so little possession. Did well on his goal to stay onside and pick out a corner, marking three straight games with a goal.

Jose Martinez – 8

A great outing for the Venezuelan, who seems to also step up a notch against NYC. Involved in a little dust up, but escaped without a yellow. Helped shield the defense in transition helping keep a clean sheet.

Julian Carranza – 6

Wasn’t much for either striker in the game as Philadelphia didn’t have the ball much. Made a smart layoff to assist on Bedoya’s goal, but an early yellow saw him off in the 65th minute.

Sergio Santos – 6

Like Carranza, hard to do much without the ball and no real opportunities to exploit his speed on a short field. Had the ball in the back of net, but was taken back for offsides.


Cory Burke – 5

A 35 minute outing for the big Jamaican, replacing Carranza in the second half. Earned a yellow himself and didn’t have any looks in on goal.

Quinn Sullivan- N/A

A short 10 minute outing to shore up defensively. .

Player of the Match – Nathan Harriel

Keeping Magno at bay was already a great outing for the young fullback, but an excellent assist puts the cherry on top for Harriel. NYCFC tried to attack his end and his defensive capabilities held up.

Geiger Counter

Ted Unkel  – 6

A good outing for Unkel on the day, got the penalty call correct after VAR and handled the dust up well, handing out yellows and letting everyone calm down. Handled a match that is usually chippy pretty well.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    Bedoya should be at least a point higher. I believe he also made the pass to Harriel on the Gazdag goal.
    Burke did not earn a yellow card. Burke got carded when an idiot stuck his head into Burke stomach and had the misfortune that Unkel is incompetent.
    And Unkel has no business getting a 6. That’s at least 4 too high. No way Burke deserved a yellow and had it not been for the handball he would have completely bungled the situation. Rodriguez had already lost control of the ball and was off balance from Blake’s challenge before Elliott made contact. No way was it DOGSO.

    • If Burke doesn’t get a yellow there NYCFC are swinging chairs and axes for the rest of the match.
      Chalk that one up to the realpolitik of soccer refereeing

      • I agree with the realpolitik, but I wish they would give out three cards, one to the guilty party, and then 1 to each teams noninnocent bystanders

    • Deez Nuggs says:

      I’m with you on both counts. Thank god the camera had the perfect angle on the handball for VAR, because Rodriguez’ touch was heavy — he wasn’t getting to that. I would have been very testy if Elliot was sent of on that. I’m pissed there was no good-angle replay on recalling Santos’ goal. It looked really close to me.

    • Darth Harvey says:

      Agree on Unkel being too high (well at least his rating… perhaps my syntax actually indicates true status)… I’m very thankful for the handball call because Unkel in no way was thinking about DOGSO criteria there.

      I also disagree with him handling the fracas well. La bolsa sucia Castellanos 100% tried to headbutt a Union player (even JP and Higgs saw it). You know if that’s Martinez that makes that move with his head at a player and Unkel is throwing his cards, Whistle, and shorts at him to get him off the field.

  2. Agree on player of the match but his goal line clearance is worth mentioning also.

  3. Martinez made a whole bunch of lousy passes. I’d deduct a point for that.

    And Elliott made a major mistake which fortunately didn’t cost us, but otherwise he was outstanding. I’d give him a point more.

  4. Great game, great win. I agree with scottso, Martinez did poorly transitioning the ball from defense to attack and deserves a lower score. The team in general has not been as good at transition passing accuracy. Seems like a lot of balls are just cleared out. Glad we have a stout defense to handle the pressure.

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