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Player ratings: Philadelphia Union 0-2 Club America

Photo by Marjorie Elzey

The Philadelphia Union’s CONCACAF Champions League run came to end Wednesday night on the banks of the Delaware River with another 2-0 defeat to Club America. Philadelphia certainly had their opportunities to chip away at America lead, but found no luck in terms of putting the ball into the net.

Onto the ratings.

Player Ratings

Andre Blake – 5

Not a lot for Blake to do on the night. Much like the first leg, didn’t have a shot on either goal. The first a deflection off defender Jacob Glesnes 5 yards in front, and the second a 2 yard tap in off a counter.

Olivier Mbazio – 4

Was linking play well on the right side, and the Union’s game-plan was well suited to his attacking style of play. Has some good crosses into the box but also fell asleep at times defensively, giving away a few dangerous free kicks.

Jakob Glesnes – 5

A quite night for both centerbacks, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Had the unlucky deflection leading to the goal and miss timed his jump on a header for a great look at goal in the first half.

Jack Elliott – 5

Like Glesnes, although didn’t seem as much a threat on corners and free kicks as he usually is. Did well to press America high up the field and link play, but needed to be more of an aerial threat.

Kai Wagner – 6

A good night for Wagner, who was active pressing and getting high up the field to swing in dangerous crosses, which didn’t seem to find anyone in the box though. Strong defensively and brought some muscle without crossing the line with America players.

Leon Flach – 5

A pretty good outing for Flach after a run of bad form. Was active offensively and finding space on the left, although not as much later in the game. Made good defensive runs and put in the work needed.

Alejandro Bedoya – 4

Brought a lot of heart but not much else to the night. Covered his ground in midfield and linked with Mbazio, but was never really threatening in the final third.

Jamiro Monteiro – 3

Monteiro is a player that has the skills to turn a Champions League tie around, but he didn’t show it on the night. Seemed a step slow all night, under hit his passes and got the ball stuck under his feet one too many times. Couldn’t convert the penalty which would have sparked Philadelphia to life.

Jose Martinez – 5

A bounce back outing from El Brujo, who even ventured forward on occasion to find a goal. Kept his cool with the refereeing for the most part.

Kacper Przybylko – 5

Won his side a penalty after a well worked 1-2 with Cory Burke but wasn’t rewarded for it. Had a few half decent chances drawing saves from Ochoa but nothing super threatening from the Friendly Striker.

Cory Burke – 4

Worked well to get Przybylko free to earn the penalty and can’t discount his heart. Other than battling with defenders all night, not much to show for Burke. Had a great look off a Wagner pass he wasn’t able to put away early in the first half.


Paxten Aaronson – N/A

Not much for either Aaronson or Gazdag to do in their brief 15 minute cameos. Provided effort and fresh legs but little else.

Daniel Gazdag – N/A

See above.

Jack McGlynn- N/A

Came on in the final minutes, but got to appear in a Champions League semi-final.

Quinn Sullivan- N/A

See above.

Player of the Match – Guillermo Ochoa

The penalty save was obviously the moment of the match and probably the tie. Kept his team alive when the walls were closing in and kept a clean sheet in both games.

Geiger Counter

Said Martinez- 1

Called a very tight game, almost too tight. Giving out 6 yellow cards in the first half, with 5 going to Philadelphia. Didn’t send off the America player after clear Denial of a Goal Scoring Opportunity, then somehow was convinced to review the Bedoya tackle for a red.


  1. Feels like Montiero is quickly approaching that “He SHOULD have the talent to impact games … but he hasn’t for a long time” territory.

    Feel like there will be some roster turnover this off-season. Not necessarily in a negative way, I trust the HG midfielders.

    Not that I think the season is over, I think we are still good enough to make the playoffs. Probably around that 4th spot. But it will be a fight.

    • Montiero hasn’t been the same since Sacha Kleisjan broke his ankle with that terrible tackle in 2019. I think I would have been ok with the U taking a loss to move him back to Europe in the summer transfer window when he wanted out.

  2. A bit high on Glesnes for missing the header and for leaving his man open on the second goal. I though Elliott was the stronger of the two center back. Plus Glesnes had to take a well earned yellow early whereas Elliott broke up several plays cleanly.
    Much too high on Martinez. I believe it was his turnover that led to the first goal. And he has continually tried to do too much in dangerous areas of the field.
    I’m usually one to criticize the refs more than most, but I think a 1 is a bit low. I don’t think DOGSO applies when the foul is in the penalty area for a foul that wasn’t a dangerous foul (i.e. is Kacper had pulled down the defender that way it wouldn’t be a yellow). When he did go to the monitor, it was because the VAR told him and he made the right decision that it wasn’t a straight red. If he gave Ale a second yellow after checking the monitor then I would have had an issue. My major fault with him is that he didn’t give more yellows for time wasting but in the end that wouldn’t have made a significant difference.

    • It felt like for the last 20 minutes Martinez turned into into a different player. He misplaced several passes to the other team and was stripped of the ball as well. I believe it was his turnover that led to the first goal as well. Not sure if it was fatigue or lack of skill under pressure but it was not good.

    • Agree that Martinez played poorly last night. Way too many easy giveaways, and multiple wasteful “shots” from distance that also turned the ball over to America. I think his feistiness often blinds me to his detrimental effect on the team.

    • DOGS doesn’t require a dangerous foul when in the penalty area to be called. That was a clear miss although you could blame it on the VAR ref rather than Mr. Martinez. I would say his 1 rating is a little harsh but not too far off. The biggest flaw a ref can have is inconsistency and he had it all through the game. He handed out yellows like they were going out of style when the Union complained but meanwhile Club America could kick the ball away anytime there was a throw in or free kick or time waste in excess with no consequence.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      Elliott has significantly performed Glesnes just about every game but it seems a lot of people blend their performances together. I really think we should consider a speedy upgrade at CB and give Glesnes the role Elliott had last year. Glesnes isn’t bad, but it’s a shaky pairing and I’m not sure Findlay is the answer. To be fair to Findlay, he’s had no chance to find rhythm.

  3. It was a nice night down at the river with friends. No more, no less.

  4. Club America, like the best teams in the Eastern Conference, double teamed Martinez when he had the ball in the central channel.
    the best outcome of the match was that Paxten Aaronson got ten minutes on the pitch to figure out how much and what he has to improve in his game to be able to play against Club America and others of their ilk.

  5. Monteiro is clearly out of position when Curtin insists on playing him at the 10, and it shows time and again in his performance. This was a game to sit Flach and play Monteiro at the 8 if ever there was one.
    That said, his PK take was absolutely horrible. His run-up left little choice other than to go right. Ochoa did a nice job getting to it, of course, as it appeared Monteiro would’ve had the side netting; but you simply can’t cut the net in half so obviously.
    I’m curious to see Mbaizo next year if he’s still around. Specifically, I’m interested in seeing if he learns from this season and improves his game next.
    Any word on why Davo wasn’t at least on the bench? Was he ineligible as a summer transfer, or was there another reason?

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