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Match report: Philadelphia Union 1-0 New York Red Bulls

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Cory Burke’s ninth minute goal was all Philadelphia Union needed to secure their first MLS  home win of the season, a 1-0 win over New York Red Bulls at Subaru Park on Saturday night.

Coming off a midweek draw with New England Revolution, Jim Curtin made two changes to his starting lineup. Cory Burke replaced Kacper Przybylko up top, while Anthony Fontana came into the midfield at the No. 10, replacing Jack McGlynn and sliding Jamiro Monteiro back to the side of the midfield diamond.

Three minutes after kickoff on a gorgeous night by the Delaware, a collision in the box saw Andre Blake and Jack Elliott receive attention from the trainers. After an extended break, however, both players were able to return to action.

The Union grabbed the lead off a goalkick just moments later.  The second header off Blake’s long boot fell to Anthony Fontana, who fished the ball out of his feet and found Jamiro Monteiro in space.  Montero slid the ball in to Burke as the striker ran into the box. Burke’s one-time finish dinked past Red Bull keeper (and former Union loanee) Carlos Miguel Coronel for the Union’s first first-half goal in MLS play this season.

As you’d expect from a clash of these two teams, the game became a high-paced, end-to-end affair.  The Union nearly doubled their advantage in the 25th minute, when Alejandro Bedoya found Fontana about 12 yards from goal thanks to a lovely dummy from Burke. But Fontana’s one-time shot was stoned by Coronel.

The hosts had the better of the action for most of the first half, pinning the Red Bulls into their own half. They struggled, however, to produce quality end product, with players passing up opportunities to take a shot. New York fullback Amro Tarek picked up an injury in the 36th minute, forcing Gerhard Struber into an early first substitution.

But the pattern of play did not change. Monteiro, in particular, flew around the pitch, frustrating a Red Bulls team that is not used to being outrun and out worked. They must have been relieved to enter the halftime break only trailing by one goal.

Struber made another change at the half, pulling Daniel Royer and inserting Patryk Klimala. But it was the Union who had the next quality chance, with Bedoya putting in a strong cross from the wing and finding Sergio Santos in a danger zone. The Red Bulls did well to close him down and block any shot from coming in.

Curtin inserted Przybylko for Fontana in the 59th minute, chasing a second goal and switching the Union into an unfamiliar three-striker setup.

Olivier Mbaizo nearly doubled the Union’s lead in the 63rd minute, using a slick move and a 1-2 pass to penetrate New York’s box, but his powerful shot was right at Coronel.

The Union’s grip on the match began to slip in the final 20 minutes as they seemed to lose a step in their legs. A last-ditch stop by Kai Wagner prevented a dangerous Klimala shot from making it to goal. Moments later, Matt Real replaced Santos, a move seemingly targeted at restoring balance to the midfield.

Bedoya looked set to leave the match with cramp, but he stayed in and nearly killed off the game in the 85th minute. His near post strike was batted aside by Coronel. At the other end, Andre Blake got down quickly to defend his post from a goal-bound finish by the Red Bulls.

Quinn Sullivan finally replaced Bedoya in stoppage time. On the next kick, a hard tackle saw players from both teams exchange some pushing and shoving, with Leon Flach and Dru Yearwood in the middle of it. Both earned yellow cards — unfortunately for Yearwood, that was his second of the night. The Union barely needed the extra man, as the Red Bulls did not threaten in the final 90 seconds of the match.

After a brutal stretch of nine games in 32 days, the Union have some well-earned rest this week. With no midweek game, they’re next in action in the nation’s capital on May 23. Kickoff between Philadelphia and D.C. United will be at 7:00 p.m.

Three Points
  • Burke bomb. The Jamaican striker has two goals in the last three games, and covered ground like a man possessed. The Union will need two strikers in form this season, and those two look like Burke and Przybylko so far.
  • Monteiro-mania. Restored to the No. 8, the Union’s sole designated player was everywhere. Once Daniel Gazdag joins the club, he’ll be able to play there more regularly.
  • Running on empty. At the end of a brutal stretch of games, Curtin continued to ride his horses. Alejandro Bedoya looked like he was about to die on his feet by the time he was pulled in stoppage time. You can’t argue with the 1-0 result, but it’s fair to wonder about Curtin’s trust in his bench.

Philadelphia Union

Andre Blake, Olivier Mbaizo, Jacob Glesnes, Jack Elliott, Kai Wagner, Leon Flach, Alejandro Bedoya (Quinn Sullivan 90+1′), Jack McGlynn, Jamiro Monteiro, Anthony Fontana (Kacper Przybylko 59′), Sergio Santos (Matt Real 78′), Cory Burke
Subs: Matt Freese, Aurelien Collin, Stuart Findlay, Cole Turner, Jack McGlynn, Paxten Aaronson

New York Red Bulls

Carlos Miguel Coronel, Amro Tarek (Thomas Edwards 36′), Aaron Long, Sean Nealis, Kyle Duncan, Sean Davis, Frankie Amaya (Omir Fernandez 54′), Caden Clark (Dru Yearwood 76′), Daniel Royer (Patryk Klimala HT), Cristian Casseres, Fabio (Cameron Harper 76′)
Subs: Ryan Meara, John Tolkin, Andres Reyes, Brian White

Scoring Summary

PHI: Cory Burke — 9′ (Jamiro Monteiro, Anthony Fontana)

Disciplinary Summary

NYRB: Aaron Long — 52′ (foul)
NYRB: Sean Nealis — 61′ (foul)
NYRB: Dru Yearwood — 79′ (foul)
NYRB: Dru Yearwood — 90+2′ (violent conduct) (second yellow)
PHI: Leon Flach — 90+2′ (foul)
PHI: Jack Elliott – 90+3′ (other reason)


  1. 3 points: Check
    Best half of soccer so far this year: Check
    Still out Red Bull’d the Red Bulls: Check
    Shut down Clark And Amaya: Check

    Overall a good performance. I’ll let myself be happy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    That last 20 minutes was REALLY scary as it was obvious that the Union were dead on their feet. I think Kacper was more questionable than we realized but without other attacking options, Curtin needed his body out there for awhil
    It was good the Burke was able to go a full 90.
    And I’m pretty sure Elliott’s yellow was for delay of game. He stood over the ball for about 20-30 seconds before running away to let Blake take it.

    • Thanks for the Jack card info. Was trying to figure that out.

    • Yeah the Kacper at the 10 experiment almost backfired, I think he turned the ball over twice. He continues to hold onto the ball too much.

      Clearly Curtin did not trust Sullivan or Aaronson at the 10 yet, though after watching Kacper almost bottle the game I don’t know why. We saw a couple minutes of Sullivan before, atleast he knows which was the oppositions goal is.

      Or you could just kept Fontana in at the 10 … I don’t know why we needed to see Kacper at the 10 anyway.

      • Can’t give our homegrowns too much time on the field after all

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        see your own opening comment, which was spot on by the way.
        Curtin’s game plan was to out RedBull the Red Bulls and gut out the last 20 but keep doin it.
        Consider. A second goal kills the game.
        This was not the game for debuts.

      • Alicat215 says:

        Jim keeps getting put into the situation for no debuts. Think about it, Ale is dying out there and he would rather keep him in than blood one of the kids. He puts Kacper in at the 10, yikes!, these were all done because as your holding a late 1 goal lead…….the ball is going to be swinging in the box a lot. Kacper was there to win balls in the air and Ale stayed in because he wanted a man and not a kid to deal with that…..yeah, not a time for debuts. But the time will come where he is going to have to see if the youngins sink or swim in those situations.

  3. Really fun game to watch. You could tell they were on fumes later. Burke looked strong, running up and down the field and being involved. Not the best for Monteiro but everyone else shouldered the weight he usually carries. Mbaizo looked on it!

  4. Andy Muenz says:

    Just got off the phone with my wife who is off visiting her sister in Kentucky and we definitely had different opinions of one portion of the game.
    After watching on TV, she commented that she thought Chapman did a good job. Sitting at midfield, I thought that early on at least he was making calls against the Union but then not making the call against NJ on a similar play.
    Anyone else have similar or different opinions depending on where you watched from?

    • I agree up until a point. It seemed when Flach complained about the foul at the touchline, Chapman started calling a more even or tilted slightly towards the Union. Before that I’d say you are spot on.

  5. So is Flach putting Martinez on notice? Well a hand full of Union players really. I mean the guy probably had 4-5 fouls and no yellow cards. Flach has been an absolute find so far.
    Anyone else screaming at Jim to sub Bedoya about 15 minutes earlier? It’s going to be the thing that drives me nuts till Bedoya retires or his heart just gives out.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      My guess is that if they had been able to get that insurance goal he would have subbed Bedoya off earlier, although he also had to be a little careful since unless he was subbed off with Santos, it would have used up the third window and any chance at an injury sub if that became necessary.

    • I would think of it more as: El Brujo comes back, with Gazdag playing the 10 and now you have Flach as a substitute who can spell either Bedoya or Martinez. He can also start on occasion for either as well.

      • I don’t think Flach is coming out. Miro goes to the 10 and Flach goes to the wing. Fontana is going to be odd man out once again.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Remember that Ilsinho is out with a second soft tissue injury. The chief offensive spark off the bench is unavailable, probably until after the break in June, since mid-30s muscles heal less rapidly than teenagers.
        So Fontana is the offensive spark off the bench, and has the versatility to sub into the mid.
        Remember Bobby Jones with the Sixers?

  6. Always good to beat RB and we really needed the 3 points for getting through the gruelling early schedule.
    . . .
    Against a more rested RB, the boys were clearly exhausted and it showed later in the match and particularly so for some who were dragging to the finish. IMO Curtin waited way too long to use his late subs and it was an unnecessary gamble with just a goal lead. He got away with it this time but I hope it’s not a habit.

  7. We really needed a more comfortable way to help us kill off the game, and either we don’t have it or Jim doesn’t trust it. Seemed like a perfect time to add a third center back with Findlay, or to switch to a 4-2-3-1 with Findlay slotting in at CB and Elliot stepping forward alongside Flach as a second holding midfielder. Seems logical to me, but it’s tough to tell since we’ve not really gotten to see Findlay play at all.
    Also, I really hope Aaron Long’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked. He spent a few minutes on the sideline at the end of the game and then several minutes after, before being helped back to the locker room. It didn’t look like he could put much if any weight on his foot. I didn’t see exactly what happened, but he and the medical staff seemed to think/know it was something serious. I hope I misinterpreted.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      The Long injury really showed the difference in class between the SOB’s and the Dead Bull fans. When Long went down, the SOB’s kept chanting for awhile. However, when they finished the song they were singing and Long was still down, they remained quiet until Long had been helped off the field.
      When Blake went down early and was being attended to the Bull Crap fans at the other end weren’t making a whole lot of noise. However, once he stayed down and was being attended to, they started a “Let’s go Red Bull chant”. Completely classless.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Correction on my part. It was the Edwards injury I was thinking of, not Long.

      • Alicat215 says:

        I take it you have never heard the famous chant : “you’re going home in the back of an ambulance”…….Lolz.

  8. The pace was incredible and given how much they have played recently I was surprised. Gazdag really can’t get into the team soon enough as these midfielders can’t sustain these levels all season. Also I forgot what a good finisher Burke is. He is dare I say, “like a new signing.”

  9. In Tanner We Trust says:

    Our midfield is on fumes at the moment, but when Martinez comes back and Gazdag joins, it gets interesting. Who comes off the bench? I think the biggest fear is Curtin not rotating guys and leaving Miro and Ale at the 8s every game. Ideally we won’t see the same 4 guys starting every game. Fontana looked good past night but I worry about his spot in the XI. We may need to give him some time to increase his sell value and let a European team continue his development. It would stink to not get 4-5mil for him but he needs playing time and I’m not sure he’ll any starts after Euro 2020.
    Also, Mbaizo has officially earned my trust long term at RB. I don’t need to see Harriel unless the game is already decided, Olivier has done enough to have job security.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      I’m not sure that Fontana is going to get that kind of money. There is definitely a big difference between him and the two guys who went to Europe last offseason.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Yeah I’m thinking of we can get 2.5M at any point, we should take it. For our benefit and his. I just thought maybe he could develop into the next great one but Aaronson’s success in Austria is a reminder the he’s special. I don’t think we should set the bar with BA when we look at the class of Sullivan, McGlynn, Paxten, de Vries, and Turner.

      • T.Coolguy says:

        Fontana also has an Italian passport, which has to bump up his value in the EU in general (and Serie A specifically). Iirc there were some Italian teams interested in him last season already.

        That said, I doubt he’s going to sell for McKenzie/Aaronson money, but I’m pretty sure they could easily get a decent transfer fee for him. Transfermarkt has his value at 2.2million already.

      • He is in the last year of his contract, as is Real, if they are not signed, we lose both for no money! Bad front office management. You need to lock up your players to make a profit, or what’s the point of the homegrowns ?

      • I think we need to be real with Fontana and Real. What exactly have they shown? Real is an adequate back and forward. Fontana has basically been a glorified super sub. His starts have not been impressive. Is his value $2.5 m? To whom? His instinct is to go forward and he’s decent at that. His defense comes completely secondary and with thought. He stops to think before he goes after a ball/man and that loses him a step. He’s what 20-21 now? Betting on him not developing much further is a safer bet than betting he will. I say all this and I like the kid.
        So why would Tanner over commit the Union at this point. Real and Fontana are being given their make or break seasons and as of yet are not making a case for an extension at a significant raise. So Tanner holds for a bargain at or near the end of the season or finds one in one of the hand full of teenagers he’s got on the bench. He’s wining this hand too.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        I agree, they haven’t shown enough to warrant long term commitment yet. I do bet on Fontana improving, but whether he’s sold or let go, I don’t imagine he has a long term future here. Real is interesting. He and Mbaizo were supposed to be relatively even. Mbaizo has taken off, Real hasn’t. We’ll see.

      • Re: the last 2 comments – want to reoriented the discussion here.

        Are Real and Fontana worth “commitment”? I saw words like “over commit” and “longterm commitment” and I have to wonder, seriously?

        Real is making 90K a year as a solid MLS backup – starting at LB but is now getting minutes at CM and even RB once. Does he have a higher ceiling than MLS rotation guy? Probably not. But can you do worse than 90K for a reliable backup at 3 positions, who has been playing for the club his entire youth career and understands the system and what is asked from him? Yes you can.

        And Fontana. He is making 108K. 108K! For a proven MLS bench scorer who is probably your first goal scoring option off the bench. Even if you give him a modest raise – 150K or hell 200K, you can do A LOT worse than that. For sure. Jara in Dallas is making 3 million as a STARTER and only scored 1 more goal than Fontana last season, and 0 goals this season. Yes, we can do a lot worse than Fontana at a modest raise.

        So yeah, I feel like people are really undervaluing the value of academy products who may not have become the “6 million dollar transfer to Europe at age 20” type. Developing solid MLS backups is just as important to filling out a team, and we can do a lot worse than what Real and Fontana are. And if they are willing to come back, I would 100% welcome them back even at a modest raise. Most MLS teams fill the Real spot or the Fontana spot with more expensive on-their-last-half-leg MLS veterans, or more expensive internationals, or less talented cheap young players. What we have with Real and Fontana is good for what they are.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        James I agree with just about all of that. But would Fontana accept such a small raise considering the small amount of minutes he’s getting? If Fontana doesn’t want to sign a deal long term, I feel like we have to get SOMETHING for him. He’s too good to let walk for nothing. As for Real, maybe I worded it poorly. I simply want to see more from him. I don’t think it’s crazy for him to someday reach Europe, but he has to step up. Maybe I’m expecting too much from him. But I’m definitely grateful to have them for their current wages.

      • But we haven’t seen what either can do because neither has been given the long leash McKenzie and Aaronson were given. Both were given time to learn ‘ on the job’. Aaronson was spectacular for a game or two, then disappeared for several games. Yes, he beat out a Mexican international, who was too busy partying and being the Marco of old.
        When you give the kids an extended chance to prove themselves, and the confidence of the coaching staff, you may actually know what you are losing. Btw, Fontana was second on the team in scoring with minimal minutes last year. Great bang for the buck.

    • James, where did I say they weren’t good for what they are? Pretty sure I specifically said that. Their contracts and places are both on the line. A place in the team is valued almost as much as a player with Tanner. So again, if the team’s return on invest isn’t as bright with Real and Fontana at a certain price point and they haven’t shown a penchant for continued development then their value has decreased and thus a continued spot on the roster is not assured. There are 5 teenagers sitting on the bench each making less and waiting for an oppurtunity. Maybe it won’t come this year, but more than likely it will next. Is that opportunity going to be blocked by a marginally better than average MLS player? This is a factory with expiration dates on the product which are the players. Turnover. They come in, they go out. Don’t forget there’s another crop of teenagers waiting for their chance on the Union 2.
      James 5 years ago I’d say you were right. Now, with this GM and the way this team operates and the pipeline that has been created, no way. It may be cruel and harsh, but this organization is now a machine and all it’s parts are working towards constant evolving and betterment of the organization’s position. I tried to be as dispassionate as possible when evaluating Ernst and the way he operates because that’s how I think he sees things. This is how I see it. Right or wrong.

      • Oh, I don’t even disagree with any of that. There is absolutely a time limit (thought right now I think the ones who need to worry about that time limit are Turner and De Vries … at least Fontana and Real are getting real MLS minutes).

        And I have zero doubt Tanner will move on when he deems it necessary, Trusty and Jones were sold with little fanfare.

        I just don’t think Real and Fontana are the two to go. Or put another way I think they still have value to us moving forward. None of the 5 HGs are LBs, so that saves Real (though long term, I think Sorenson comes in as a HG and pushes Real out, that Sorenson looks great). And while Sullivan and Aaronson can play the 10, Fontana has a proven MLS goal scoring touch and also has a different style at the 10 – and can play the 8 well enough and as striker less well.

        So you are still right, and honestly I wouldn’t even be surprised if Fontana gets a transfer out this summer once Gazdag arrives and cements Fontanas backup role for a long time.

  10. Old Soccer Coach says:

    I’ve been thinking about Jim Curtin’s game plan and psychological approach.
    In his presser he’s the one who emphasized how difficult the game would be because of the schedule. He’s the one who stated overtly seven games in nineteen games.
    He’s a truth teller but he’s also not a complainer.
    By emphasizing the difficulties he was challenging his own side to get tougher and raise themselves to a higher level. He gambled a little that the mentality would become harder, tougher and more certain as it overcame the challenge.
    So he could not take his foot off the gas. He had the absolute fastest feet for one-touch passing in tight spaces that he had available, the cleanest, fastest touches. The Union moved the ball faster than Red Bull’s could press it. Just barely.
    The game was balanced on a knife edge for 70 minutes, and then the defense did an incredible job for the last 20 minutes, aided in no small measure but Red Bull’s frustration and impatience.
    James is spot on above with his summary — they out Red Bulled the Red Bulls.

  11. Tim Jones says:

    We saw last night that the striker combination of Burke and Santos significantly threatens a high restraining line that leaves acres of open space behind it..
    DC is also going to be a high pressure team. Whether they play an equally high line will be interesting. We might see the same starting combination again. Fontana combined well with that group. Martinez will be back, but Flach could give Bedoya a rest. Monteiro needs one too, but his pace and the speed of his feet are essential.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      Agree on everything you said. In my opinion, Bedoya should be a mid 2nd half sub for Flach, cuz he needs a rest too. And the moment the game is in hand, put McGlynn or Sullivan in for Monteiro.

  12. Andy Muenz says:

    Anyone remember a few games ago when people were saying Burke should never start again? Now that he is starting to get back in game shape, he was certainly an asset last night, especially compared to the way Kacper looked during his shift.

    • Did that happen? People weren’t worried about losing the season, and calling to fire Curtin and Tanner and blaming them for not spending money. Nah that never happened.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        Philly fans are amazing and awful. Then again, most fan bases have their share of both. As for Burke, I think Santos and Burke should start regularly together. I said it last year but when Burke struggled I kept that thought to myself. Now I’m back on that bandwagon lol.

      • We are all guilty. We are Philly fans after all. I’ve just come to the point where most of the time I try to be detached and think about the whole picture before setting fire to the house. But I still have my days when stuff repeatedly happens and I think it’s an issue and whoosh negative Nancy I become, setting the world and everything in it on fire. I’m just glad we can poke fun at it here.

  13. T.Coolguy says:

    The Union have been looking a bit sharper in their last couple games, but there still are too many counter attacking opportunities that get scuttled by careless passing. I’m mostly positive on this game, I thought Fontana played well as a CAM and Burke is looking good.

    The Union have had a decently easy schedule so far and have some points to make up, so the next set of games are going to be key. Hopefully Curtin can keep everyone rested enough with the midfield options at his disposal.

  14. Atomic Spartan says:

    Casseres should have been shown yellow for that dangerous leap that caused a 3 way collision in the goal mouth

  15. el Pachyderm says:

    Best the team has looked in MLS all season until they were clearly spent. Any win against The Cows is a good win. Carry on gentlemen.

  16. This game was entertaining! When I looked at the stat page at half I was surprised that Union possession was only 53%. It felt like more! I’m happy Burke is finding the game more. I wonder if he was adjusting to the players and getting himself game fit in the first couple games. We also don’t know what type of play/formation he was playing while away. He may have just needed time to adjust.
    Also didn’t Curtin himself say that the bench isn’t ready for big moments? So it’s very safe to say he doesn’t trust them. I’m hoping that Findlay,Gazdag and Martinez will provide the bodies needed for rotation.

    • SoccerDad says:

      I have to wonder how much of “possession” includes the time being wasted before free kicks, corners and throw-ins. Half-time stats had RB having more of the possession then the Union. (And I would of thought the opposite. And if Full time had the U with 53% then they must have dominated possession in the second half, but it felt (especially in the last 20 min) that RB dominated possession in the second. The differences being that the U were slow on restarts in the second half, while RB was slow in restarts in the first.

  17. Gotta say that I’m surprised that Findlay hasn’t been a sub in any MLS game yet. Thought last night was screaming for him to come in (with a switch to a 4-2-3-1) rather than Kascper (who was clearly not himself).
    Agree that Burke’s performance was welcomed, particularly after a couple of not-so-stellar performances earlier in the season.
    My highlight of the game was when the rb fans started chanting and they were quickly quashed by the “go back to NJ” chant

    • Pretty sure Findaly had a knock and was unavailable for the prior game, so maybe he wasn’t really fit.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      You’re last paragraph was what I was referring to in my comment above about the Bull Crap fans being classless given that it happened while Blake (and Elliott) were down and being attended to.

  18. Garber Bucks says:

    I’m glad some have started to express the “real” concern that is emerging.

    You want to credit the dogged determination of the survivors-but can’t take your eyes off the rest.

    Kacper and Cory lend a hand via differing avenues, but Santos and Fontana are just lost. If you won’t use the bench, they’re an albatross I’m afraid. Anthony had to make it up top-because he was never going to fit at the head of a diamond. He isn’t the problem, but the system is a permanent problem for him. Gotta go.

    Sergio brings some pace……but not much else. The Union need playmaker(s) and finish(ers) in the worst way. That alone will push some talent down to help later in games. Tanner refuses to make trades in-league to fill gaps like other teams do….

    He hasn’t shown an aversion to dealing players away to MLS though. Might be time to revisit…

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      Santos is not a long term problem. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever have to defend him but here goes: his hard running and chemistry with Burke is a big reason why Burke was one of the best players on the field last night. And he was our best goal scorer last year. Let’s pump the brakes. And Fontana also did fine last night. He hasn’t been given a chance to find rhythm yet. Be patient.

  19. Old Soccer Coach says:

    People seem not to realize that Gazdag is unlikely to start to travel until after June 23rd.
    Then he has to negotiate both international travel documents and virus travel restrictions.
    Findlay spent a month waiting in Poland on his travels from Scotland to the United States.
    WE can hope for Gazdag getting here via Austria, but hope is not certainty.
    Gazdag is a birght future for the last third of the season.

  20. Great win – so good that they could grit it out after that schedule against a high pressing team!
    Was thinking about what some folks said about game changers an would love to see another 30+ year old striker brought in to be a threat at the end of games – a Connor Casey (when he was with the Union) type. Even though the main goal of the Union is player development and sale, there were always going to be some veterans involved.
    At $2M they could get Daniel Sturridge.
    At 1.5M they could get Wilfried Bony
    Neither have a club right now.
    Mandzukic is only worth $1m and has 11% of minutes with 9 appearances for Milan.
    Dom Dwyer only has one appearance for Toronto and is valued at 800K.
    I’m sure there are plenty of other options too.

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