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Match report: Philadelphia Union 1-1 New England Revolution

photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union and New England Revolution each took a point in a hard fought 1-1 draw at Subaru Park on Wednesday night. Teal Bunbury looked to have won the match for New England when he scored in the 85th minute, but Kacper Przybylko found a late equalizer, heading home in the 88th minute.

Jim Curtin made one change to the team that beat Chicago on the weekend, with Sergio Santos starting at forward in place of Cory Burke. 17-year old Jack McGlynn made his second consecutive start on the left side of the midfield diamond.

Kacper Przybylko had a decent shout for a penalty in the 6th minute. Santos cut a ball back for his partner from the left side and Przybylko looked to move the ball onto his right foot when Dejuan Jones made contact with the striker, but the referee saw no infringement and the play was not reviewed.

Andre Blake was called into action in the 31st minute. After it looked like Przybylko was fouled in the box as the Union attacked, New England raced the other way on the counter and Blake did well to save Adam Buksa’s shot from just inside the box.

The Union almost took the lead in the 32nd minute. Philadelphia worked the attack down the right side and Mbaizo had a chance to cross and did well to pick out Sergio Santos. Santos’ redirected the ball on goal, but it was straight at Matt Turner, who did well to save with his feet.

New England had a decent chance to open the scoring in the 49th minute. Tajon Buchanan latched on to a ball behind the Union backline, but could only push his shot over the bar from 16 yards as Blake closed him down.

The Revolution would notch the opener in the 85th minute. New England worked the ball down the left side and Jones cut a pass inside the Union box and Bunbury met the cross with a sliding finish from 15 yards that beat Blake at the near post on the left side as the Union goalkeeper looked to moving the other way.

Przybylko would find an equalizer for the Union in the 88th minute. Montiero found time and space to cross from deep in the corner on the left side. Turner and Przybylko both rose for the cross and the ball deflected high in the air, where Przybylko was quickest to react and headed the ball into the empty net from 3 yards.

Philadelphia is next in action on Saturday when they welcome New York Red Bulls to Subaru Park (7:30 p.m.).

Three Points

  • Fair Result – Another gritty midfield battle between Philly and New England ended in a draw, which in the end, was a fair result. Personally, I’m glad these teams don’t play each other every week.
  • Przybylko – The friendly striker had two decent shouts for a penalty in the first half, but did well to stick with the game and found a late equalizer for the Union to grab a point.
  • Depth – The Union only made two subs on the night and in parts of the second half especially, the squad looked tired. It’s great to name a series of young homegrowns to the bench, it’s another to be able to use them.

Philadelphia Union

Andre Blake, Olivier Mbaizo, Jacob Glesnes, Jack Elliott, Kai Wagner, Leon Flach, Alejandro Bedoya, Jack McGlynn (Anthony Fontana 58′), Jamiro Monteiro, Sergio Santos (Cory Burke 58′), Kacper Przybylko
Subs: Matt Freese, Aurelien Collin, Matt Real, Cole Turner, Nathan Harriel, Paxten Aaronson, Quinn Sullivan

New England Revolution

Matt Turner, Jonathan Bell, Andrew Farrell, Dejuan Jones (Henry Kessler 90′), Brandon Bye, Carles Gil, Thomas McNamara (Edward Kizza 79′), Maciel, Adam Buksa (Gustovo Bou 68′), Anor Traustason (Matt Polster 79′), Tajon Buchanan (Teal Bunbury 68′)
Subs: Brad Knighton, A.J. DeLaGarza, Scott Caldwell, Wilfrid Kaptoum

Scoring Summary

NE: Teal Bunbury – 85′
PHI: Kacper Przybylko – 88′

Disciplinary Summary

PHI: Kai Wagner 34′
PHI: Jamiro Monteiro – 53′
PHI: Kacper Przybylko – 71′
NE: Brandon Bye – 90′


  1. Revs are just so well coached, these games are always tight and ugly and gritty. They know exactly how to make us work for everything. I don’t even want to think about this game anymore tbh.

    Random thoughts: Don’t like Montiero at the 10. Pryzbylko needs to get the ball out of his feet faster. Flach is a beast, just needs to clean up some passing. Glesnes was off. Why the hell did everyone on this team trip on the pitch once? Santos was effective dragging the CBs around. McGlynn was mostly competent, needs to be stronger going into 50/50s though. Mbaizo really getting better – just needs to keep tightening up that transition defense positioning and he can be one of the best RBs in the league.

  2. What will it take for monteiro or bedoya to get rest? Could’ve given real a few minutes late and pushed fontana to the 10. Will be amazing if bedoya has anything left in the tank at this pace.

  3. To the SOBs – thank you! Reduced numbers but doing your best to keep the spirit and support the team.
    To 90% of the rest of the stadium tonight a full throated and wholehearted Philly FUCK YOU!!!
    As a founding member season ticket holder I have seen some pathetic soccer over the years, but the fans have mostly been the 12th man to help the team make our stadium a fortress.
    I don’t ever recall a more pathetic fan performance than tonight.
    Apparently I missed the email that we were supposed to show up to the zoom meeting game tonight in our golf shirt, pajama pants and fuzzy slippers with our microphones on mute.
    They deserve better from us then they got tonight.
    If you don’t give a shit, give someone else your tickets.
    If you give a shit, make some noise and support your team.
    Wit Out.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      Fuck you too, asshole. In case you didn’t realize it, the stands are only about 1/3 full and the rest of us don’t have megaphones to make noise with.
      Why don’t you go kill yourself if you’re going to be such an asshole?

      • Not sure why you took this personally unless you were there in your Pj pants and slippers with your microphone on mute.
        I have a voice and don’t need a megaphone.
        Suggesting people kill themselves implies you might need some help.
        All that aside I still say this team needs more fan support than it got tonight.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        I took it personally because of what you said about everyone who was not in the SOB sections which includes me. I’ve been at every game that’s been open to fans including when they won the supporters shield and I try to be as loud as I can.
        I didn’t suggest people kill themselves, I suggested that a subhuman lifeform like you who thinks it’s OK to insult and blame the crowd for the team losing.
        The world would be a better place without you.

      • Andy, I honestly believe that you were in the 10% cheering wholeheartedly and I am sorry that you took it otherwise.
        You are committed to PSP and comment and write regularly. Still not sure why you think my comment was about you personally. Stadium was waaaay to quite other than SOBs.

      • FWIW,
        “Sub human life form” and “world would better place without you” pretty much speaks for itself.
        Lacking personal experience, I’m going with good guy stressed (like all of us) by too many months of COVID.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Whev, you are correct, I did go too far with my comments last night and I apologize. I also appreciate the complement about my comments.
        I will still disagree about the level of crowd noise last night. It wasn’t any quieter than it was for any of the prior 10 games with fans over the last year and over the course of the game was louder than the NYCFC game, at least in the middle of the east side of the stadium. If anything, the fans near me were among the loudest they’ve been recently.

      • I hope it goes without saying that these comments were way, way out of line, and I appreciate that Andy apologized this morning. We don’t moderate comments because the community discussion is relatively civil. Let’s keep it that way.

      • Andy, my sincere apologies to you and to any others that I offended – both with the initial and subsequent comments. It was misguided and badly communicated.

        I am sure you and everyone else here was actively supporting the team in whatever way they felt appropriate.

        I assumed that anyone who cared enough to talk soccer 7 days a week would be in that 10% group cheering wherever they were in the stadium, clapping and supporting the team.

        I do not sit in SOB section either.

        My BADLY EXPRESSED frustration – aimed at no one here – was that at a time when stadiums are empty all over the world, we are lucky to even be able to go.

        When things initially opened back up for limited attendance, I felt like everyone who went did their best to make up in enthusiasm for those who couldn’t be there.

        It didn’t feel that way last night to me, but I certainly could have been wrong.

        Again my apologies to all who I offended both on my initial comments and the later counter ones. It was not (and never is or will be) my intention to attack anyone here.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Apology accepted, Whev. Are you going to be at the game Saturday? If so, I’d be happy to meet up, fist bump and make up 🙂 (I’d shake hands except the two weeks after my second vaccination doesn’t hit until Tuesday.)

      • Hey Peter, can you give Andy my email? We are all on same team and I’d be happy to buy him a beer sat, but no way to share w him and not have it be public.

      • Dan Walsh says:

        Guys, thank you for resolving this. Tensions are high for lots of people due to the pandemic’s impact on our lives, so we all misstep. You fixed this with class, and PSP appreciates that.

    • Really?

  4. Andy Muenz says:

    Union need to work on their passing to break the press. Too many passes were soft or sent to someone who was running in a different direction than the pass.
    We also learned that women don’t make better refs than men do.

    • Really? As someone complaining about the U not kneeling for the the national anthem you’re going sexist now?
      Yes she was bad but not because she was a woman.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Again, probably not my best comment. Was frustrated over the lack of PK when Kacper was taken down in the box (and that was before I listened to Curtin’s press conference agreeing with me).
        How about I change it to this was the first time I saw this ref and she did not impress me?

    • Thought the ref was as good or better than any fella I’ve ever seen in an MLS fixture. I think it might be the first time I’ve ever seen a woman ref a pro match. Thought it was fantastic. Good on MLS.

      • Dude really, good on MLS for making it happen…but she was awful man, in time mayb she’ll be good but not last night..terrible

      • By MLS standards, I don’t think she was any worse.

    • I’ll take her over her husband or Ismail Elfath any day. She let them play mostly. Whether or not you like that way of play is up for debate. She could have been worse. She could have been better.

      • She was terrible as far as I am concerned. Should have called the 2 Kasper incidents in the box and let VAR decide whether or not it was a penalty.

      • Based on my scientific score of how often I yell at the TV, I think she was average on the MLS -Pro curve. How many matches have we seen pretty obviously missed penalty calls?

      • Guido, I’m not saying I agreed with how she called the game. I’m saying she was consistent for both sides. She let them bump and fight for balls, but didn’t let the chippy slide tackles and heel clips go. But if guys wanted to go shoulder to shoulder or even do some pushing and shoving, she let it ride. It was consistent, which is more than I can say from the other Ref’s I mentioned who tend to get caught up in the moment and favor the “trending” team in MLS. I’d rather have fairness and consistency than have a biased roller coaster ride which the Union haven’t historically been the favorite.

  5. No Passing Zone says:

    The diamond has some quality defenders.
    The diamond has no quality attackers.

    Glesnes was so atrocious it made me want to see Collin instead.

    Might be time to see Findlay and Paxten.

    • The Truth says:

      Glesnes took so many risks I get the feeling that it was by instruction. Teams by now realize the big man normally just takes a touch and hits it long. Curtin must’ve told him to take space when he has it…which lead to some very dicey situations. I’d prefer the Norwegian oil tanker stays docked around the 18 from now on.

  6. el Pachyderm says:

    I have lots of thoughts about that game and concerns about this team and not many of them are good. Luckily I’m at work and unable to focus enough to let it rip so…until next time.
    I’ll say this and I wonder how many people would agree— or argue.
    I find this team boring as hell to watch right now.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      I thought I was the only one. I found myself falling asleep early in the 2nd half. Forced myself to get into it when they upped the pressure and was really disappointed with the urgency. The goal they got was fluky and could’ve been overturned and celebrating instead of grabbing the dang ball outta the net and running to midfield is a huge trigger for me.

    • If my calculations are correct, this team has played 8 games in 28 days (soon to be 9 games in 31 days) with very few substitutions. That’s a game every 3.5 days for a month. I think it’s incredible they are playing as well as they are. It may be somewhat boring now, but they are showing incredible grit. I’ll take this kind of team any day.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Those were the same calculations I was making before the game yesterday.
        Curtin also pointed out in the press conference yesterday that the Union play 12 times this season on 2 days rest, which is more than any other team.
        Fortunately, he has shown some squad rotation. Unfortunately, there are also some players that are very hard to replace and he doesn’t want the team to sink further in the standings. Plus it doesn’t help that Martinez decided to take an almost 4 game vacation.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Yup and they are both legitimate counterarguments — however, my sensation is not a one off but a culmination of it from the beginning.
        Aside from a couple moments sporadically which were Champion’s League moments and not particularly MLS moments, nothing they do resembles exciting soccer.
        It is the same thing— every time. Win the ball, get it to the outside channel, whip in a cross… over and over and over.

      • Chris Gibbons says:

        Do you think Gazdag will solve that problem? To me, all of what you said is true, but if they have a few interchanges in the middle of the field, everything else opens up to them. The Revs knew no one was beating them through the middle and didn’t have to worry about it, so the Union took what they gave them. Add someone who can dance a little bit and play a good ball and that changes.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I imagine bringing in a playmaker will affect the game in game out Vibe. At least I hope so.
        But I am wondering if this is just the way it is going to be. I can’t tell if it is a personnel issue, practice issue or a Philosophy Thing. Ernst inherited Haris and he’s really the last player here who was willing to spread the ball it seems.
        I miss his inquisitive ponderings. His deception and angles of penetrating.
        The probing a bit which allows the game to breath…this notion of Soccer at the Speed of Breakneck-Speed not unlike the version of the game I played in the mid 1980’s mentioned within the thread…. hustle, physical, punch the other team in the mouth… forward forward forward. SEND IT.
        It is exhausting.
        I understand there is a shift to this and Union are not a one off– I love Liga MX and Cruz Azul is one of my favorite teams and they are capital D-Direct. DIRECT.
        But when I watch it seems to happen in multiple different ways with multiple different vertices… and angles of attack over the top. You never really know how they are going to hit the other team. It’s beautiful.
        Plenty of 1v1 or 2v1 overloads in the outside channels which allow for more attacking skill and getting of the end line to outplay.
        Will sit tight and see if the relent of games affects things. If a ‘Playmaker’ alters things and slows the game down in the right way, just a bit sometimes. Or maybe this is Ernst’s full vision… I’m going to have to acquiesce… which I think is closer to right.

      • Tim Jones says:

        The other thing I would add Andy, Chris and El P. is that last year’s team except for Martinez had played together and knew each other’s preferences tendencies and patterns.
        To Illustrate, how many years had Gaddis, Bedoya and Ilsinho worked together down the right flank?
        McKenzie and Aaronson had parts of year already under their belts,
        Now, I don’t want to overemphasize the point. Flach and Wagner seemed to have chemistry from the get-go. On the back line Elliott and Glesnes seem very well coordinated together.
        But Mbaizo and Bedoya are still figuring it out. What we don’t know is how often they had worked together in practices for as the attacking combination.
        We don’t know whether Jim believes in trying to fully integrate all possible combinations, or in primarily maintainingstarters working with starters. I worked with head coaches who have upheld both philosophies.
        This year may be an investment in a higher level next year. And that would be the fifth year of Ernst Tanner’s leadership, heavily over-interpreting his comment last season that the success was earlier than expected.
        My guess is that Gazdag is the “final” piece to his puzzle, not that football does not change from hour to hour because it does.
        If Gazdag is similar to Dockal, … and I really do hope he is, … .

    • The Truth says:

      Completely. Attempt to get a cross in, fail, backpass, long ball, repeat.
      The lack of creativity through the middle is really hard to watch. Jamiro has the talent but Kacper/Sergio both have the footskills of giraffes. Bedoya is alright on the ball but doesn’t have the selfishness needed to go forward. Fontana does but he’s only a substitute. Flach’s chained defensively but has flashes of creativity. Won’t comment on the kid as he’s so raw. There’s just nothing going on in the middle.

    • Not boring, but definitely frustrating. A lot of pace expended chasing balls, runners, without much to show for it. Lots and lots of errant passes.

      It’s funny. In some ways it seems like regression. US soccer for so long was dismissed as being about not much more than fitness — hustle and grit and raw athleticism. The road to real progress was through possession and soccer IQ. And now, suddenly, the game is trending towards a style that again favors hustle and directness over possession and skill. I know it’s not quite the same, and with skill that style can be entertaining — thinking Liverpool the last few years — but it seems like a not insignificant reversal to me.

    • It’s repetitive, which leads towards boredom. Their only creativity seems to be in transition. Once they hit a low block, they witch to the right and work through Bedoya and Mbaizo. Early cross, low cross, near post, far. Rinse, repeat. Throw a Wagner cross in every5-6 attempts at the right, and you have a Union offensive plan.
      I hope Gazdag can bring the creativity this team needs. I also found it disappointing the team so often shied away from passing to McGlynn last night. The kid has done everything I would have hoped for at this point. He’s been solid, smart, but done nothing special. Which is fine, good, and all I’d really want or expect. Though now we’ve seen it, I’d like the team to at least let him have more touches. He certainly can play a 1-2 ball. I’d just like to see him more involved than just his recovery runs, coverage marking for when Wagner goes forward, and incidental drops of the ball at his feet.

  7. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Both teams looked like they had played on Saturday. The energy level and intensity was sporadic until the last 15 – 20 minutes.
    We miss the extra half-step of intensity and pace that Brenden Aaronson has.
    Leon Flach did reasonably well defending but did not have as strong an offensive impact as Jose Martinez tends to have.
    New England’s strikers took away Jack Elliott as a passer and invited Glesnes to replace him. It will take time for Bedoya, Glesnes and Mbaizo to achieve the chemistry that existed with Ray Gaddis. And the Cameroonian slows play down much more often than the Hoosier ever did.
    Arena chose a different matchup against Santos than Kessler, and his choice seemed to work.
    New England’s midfield bossed the game at times, deeper in the Union’s defensive third than the Union did in theirs.
    The exactness of the third or fourth pass was missing tonight too often for the Union.
    The current combinations in the attack are still getting to know one another. Last year’s groups had had the previous year together down the flanks at this point in the 2020 season,
    The currents disharmonies and failures to synchronize highlight how extraordinarily well Jose Martinez did meshing in with the rest of the group in 2020.

    • The Truth says:

      Agree with all points except Mbaizo/Gaddis. You really think Gaddis had an offensive fire brewing inside of him? Outside of Ray’s final season I don’t think there was a more defensively minded RB in the league in his time. Mbiazo regularly takes players on (for better or worse) and it feels like he dumps in more crosses per game than Ray ever did.
      All my friends want to talk about is how risky Mbiazo plays and how they wish he knew how to slow down. Funny how we all see this game differently.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I’ve watched Olivier carefully. All things being equal and intellectually honest, he’s doing a fine job. He’s too loose with the ball, makes silly delayed runs, and I’d like to see him cut in closer to the central channel the way Ray did which allows for more possession and an overlap- but he’s doing fine.
        He’s no Raymond Gaddis but that’s because my fan-connection to Ray is different… and shades my lenses.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        I’m going to be a negative on Mbaizo, at least as far as last night goes. I just watched the replay and on the New England goal, he was in no man’s land halfway between Bunbury and the player who fed him the ball, leaving both uncovered.

      • SoccerDad says:

        One of the best first half scoring chances came from an Mbaizo cross that Santos volleyed directly into Turners mid-section. I think he is much more willing (and able) to attack with the ball then Ray ever was. (If he is here and starting for eight more years I’m betting he doesn’t retire without scoring.)

  8. I for one have not been impressed with Flach. Sure he runs around a lot, but his touch is poor and his passing is just ok. He wins some balls but not enough to justify his playing time in my opinion. He looks like a high schooler out there. As our most prominent off season acquisition, he leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t really make this team any better. That’s said, Bedoya has lost a step or two and Curtin continues to over-use him, so if Flach can sub for Bedoya sometimes that might be useful. Can’t wait for the new Hungarian to get here and for Martinez to return after suspension. Also can’t wait for Curtin to move on to greener pastures (Europe?) and to get an established winning coach in the mold of Caleb Porter or – though I hate him – Bruce Arena.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      I slightly disagree. Flach has been forced to play out of position because our 2nd best outfield player was stupid. And replacing your 2nd best outfield player is rarely easy. I think Flach should be in a rotation with Miro, Ale, Fontana for the other midfield spots. But of course, that would mean Fontana getting more starts and Idk when that’ll happen. I thought for sure Martinez’s suspension would get Fontana at least 2 starts.

      • Tim Jones says:

        That’ll happen when Ilsinho comes back healthy and resumes being the offensive spark threat off the bench.

        That’s how Fontana is being used at the moment, when the midfield stable does not have one of is horses locked away behind a red card.

    • The Truth says:

      Going by the box score Flach had a quarter of the team’s successful tackles and won more duels than any of his midfield partners. Playing at the base of the diamond is going to limit his offensive contribution (as he’s not nearly as two-way as Brujo). I think this is a harsh take on a kid who slotted into the team with relatively no time to acclimate. Who would you prefer stepping in? Fontana? There goes your defensive acumen. One of the unproven younglings? I think Flach has done a really fine job given the sink-or-swim test. Carles Gil is as dangerous as any 10 in this league and I think Flach handled him as well as anyone on this current squad could’ve.

      • Completely agree with this comment. Gil was borderline dominant in the playoff game. Last night, his impact was greatly reduced.

  9. The Truth says:

    Ugly, ugly, ugly mid week match up. Worst officiating I’ve seen live this season. Worst in five years probably. Man/woman/dog/cat/alien, doesn’t matter. Very poor night behind the whistle. They lost control of the match by about the 25′ min. One could easily argue for two Union PKs. One could just as easily take away the Union’s goal. Ugly all around.
    The Boys in Blue let frustration get the best of them. Seeing Glesnes and Monty get into it was disheartening and I hope there’s nothing real to that tiff. Overall we looked like Longball FC and that’s always hard to watch. After about the 70′ minute the boys started to play more hurry-up and that directly resulted in more chances. I don’t know why they were taking their time with every restart before then, allowing NE to put 10 guys behind the ball.
    Bruce Arena is a good coach and did very well to instruct his team to take our diamond sides out of the game. Flach is quite the defensive wiz despite his size. Bedoya surely appreciates his nonstop hustle. My final comment is on Adnrew Farrell. Some needs to explain to me how that barrel of a man can outpace everyone on the pitch. It’s incredible. Looks like a hippo, runs like a gazelle.

  10. Gruncle Bob says:

    Ref appeared to be average MLS quality, that is, not good at all.

    How can VAR not get the pk call correct? I understand trying to give the on-field call primacy, but that was ridiculous. The performance of the assistant has to be questioned too.

  11. Henry Scobie says:

    First and unrelated to yesterday’s performance, I am looking forward to returning to my usual season ticket location next month when Subaru Park reopens to full capacity. My last time at my normal seat feels like a lifetime/stadium name ago on that rain-soaked afternoon playoff victory over NY Red Bulls (I attended one game in 2020 but in a different section from my normal season ticket area).

    Last night’s Union performance was a bit of a slog and that suggestion of lethargy or imprecision could also apply to many of the Union’s regular season performances thus far in 2021. While of course the unattractive play is likely the result of the compressed schedule and lack of recovery, I also am concerned about a lack of creativity upfront and a bit of sheepishness in the box.

    I give credit to the Union’s quick response to the Rev’s 85th minute goal (maybe I am way off but it looked like Mbaizo was a bit adrift defending on that goal). The Przybylko header to equalize feels emblematic of the Union’s offensive pursuits when they have struggled this season: less finesse and more plodding, less Mayo Clinic surgical and more country medicine home remedy.

  12. For me, the two highlights of the game were:
    1 – McGlynn getting subbed out. His impact on the game was so minuscule and negligible, that I had forgotten he was on the field until they subbed him out. He is clearly a graduate of the Brian “pass backwards whenever possible” Carrol Academy.
    2- When “Buchanon the Union Killer” was subbed off. Is it just me or does this kid look like a world beater every time he plays against the Union
    At the beginning of the game, I pointed out to my girls how cool it was that there was a female referee….. Ugh, then the game happened. I understand that the bar should not be different, but if you are one of the first females doing the middle for an MLS game, you HAVE to be stellar. She was not. She was average MLS quality, which isn’t great.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Your thoughts about McGlynn are targeted and keen. I appreciate… because it is correct (in so far as he is still just a kid with plenty of room to grow)… I thought he hid, made poor off ball movement choices, often bogging down the play with his postioning and was strangley unobservant in marking off ball players.
      Made no impact at all. I wonder what Jim’s genuine thoughts are about last night for him.
      Keep sending him out there when able… but I’d implore that kid if I was the coach—-to pretend he’s Hakim Ziyech—- out there – find the usable pockets of space and that “Wand’ of a left foot to affect positive outcomes.

  13. Andy Muenz says:

    Just started watching the replay and I have to say that I have seen things that were a LOT less clear and obvious than Kacper being pulled down (the first time, not up to the second one yet) that were overturned (thinking especially of when the Union had a goal overturned a few years ago in Columbus when Corey Burke had a goal overturned by VAR after a not so obvious foul).
    I’ll give 20% of the blame to Penso and 80% to the VAR for not having her take a second look.

  14. Tim Jones says:

    Only once in my time writing about professional soccer for Philly Soccer Page have I ever wanted to write a referee a note of congratulations for a job done excellently.
    It was for a 2017 preseason Bethlehem Steel FC scrimmage on YSC’s turf field in late February.
    Her name was Kathryn Nesbitt.
    PSP readers are intelligent thinkers capable of drawing their own inferences. So I will ask a question and leave it at that.
    Why does PRO no longer publish referee assignments for matches until after the fact?

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