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Jim Curtin named 2020 Sigi Schmid MLS Coach of the Year

Photo by Earl Gardner

The Philadelphia Union continue to earn accolades, this time at the individual level as Major League Soccer announced on Tuesday morning that Head Coach Jim Curtin has been named the 2020 Sigi Schmid MLS Coach of the Year.

Jim Curtin has been with the Union since the inaugural season in 2010, working through positions at the academy and as an assistant coach before being named head coach in 2014. It his first time winning Coach of the Year, and the first time a Union coach has won the award.

Curtin, who’s team achieved a perfect 9-0-0 at Subaru Park through 2020, dominated voting for the award, earning nearly twice as many votes as the nearest challenger, Orlando City’s Oscar Pareja.

The team recognized Curtin’s achievement during a team meeting this morning, with captain Alejandro Bedoya and Ray Gaddis speaking to Curtin’s excellent leadership during the complicated 2020 season and how it lead to the team’s success.

Full MLS press release here.


  1. Well deserved after the weirdest MLS season ever. I’m happy to eat my words. I’ve called for him to be fired numerous times over the years. Good for you, Jimbo.

  2. Zakary Petroski says:


  3. Zakary Petroski says:


  4. el Pachyderm says:

    Coach Curtin.

    Congratulations. I am glad to have been proven wrong by you and Union’s steadfast committment to your growth. And still room to grow too which is cool.

  5. Well deserved award.

    I’ve been a fan of his since day one; he has that very rare characteristic that I think serves you well no matter your profession or calling- he doesn’t seem to have an ego. I think that has been why you see him getting better and better as a coach every year. I think in the past what looked like him being stubborn might have been just that he knew the limitations of the rosters he has had in the past. Could be wrong about that but either way he earned the award this season

  6. It’s been a wild ride!!!!
    Can’t say that I didn’t boo, but sooooo happy to see Jim rise above it all!
    3 years ago I didn’t think he had what it took and was convinced he was the Union version of Ben Olsen
    2 years ago my mind was changing (stopped booing), but after the double loss to NYCFC to knock us out of a playoff seed, then the playoffs I was ready for Tanner to bring someone new in with him
    Last year I realized we might have something,
    due in no small amount to him figuring out the Medunjanin puzzle (after 2 1/2 years of trying)
    This year convinced me that we need to keep Jim for as long as we can hold on to him!!!!
    Congrats Jim!! Nobody can say that you didn’t fully earn this honor in 2020!!!!!

  7. Just kicking back. Eating my “Humble Pie ” with a nice side of silverware! It really tastes best with some silverware !

    Congratulations Coach! On to what’s next!!

  8. Adding my congratulations… Unquestionably deserved.
    While the level of scrutiny is not on the level with some others in the sporting world, it’s not easy to learn on the job in such a visible way.
    Bravo… and we look forward the the next Act, hoping for a final “Curtin” call as the last team standing in 2020.

  9. Congrats to Jim. It’s been a rough road. He’s traveled every step with class, grace, humility, and a human heart. In this day and age of sensationalism, half-truths, bold faced lies and acting like spoiled children, Jim represents the best of what we can offer. Thanks Jim. For everything.

  10. Congrats to Ginger Jim and the staff. Deserved! Sorry for wanting your head on a platter previously.

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