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Player ratings: Philadelphia Union 1-2 Portland Timbers

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On Wednesday night the Philadelphia Union hit the roadblock known as the Portland Timbers, who forced the Union to revert back to a possession-oriented offense.

This game showed why Philadelphia, moved away from that style of play as they were unable to break through offensively as the Timbers were content to sit back at defense and counter-attack. The loss denied them the right to move to the finals of the MLS is Back Tournament.

Hopefully we’ll see more Union action soon but until then, enjoy these player ratings, perhaps the last one for a while. And please, no wagering.

Player ratings

Andre Blake — 8

Another stellar night for the keeper. He had no chance on either of the two set piece goals but kept the game close with some highlight caliber saves. Blake had a great MLS is Back Tournament and the team owes a lot of its success to him.

Ray Gaddis — 3

How do you solve a puzzle like Raymond?  After solid performances through the tournament, this game reminded us why he has been vilified for so long. In a possession game like this, the Union needed a right back capable of pushing the play forward (especially as the Union tilt so far to the right).  Unfortunately, as history has shown, Ray is not that guy.

Jack Elliott — 5

Pretty solid game for Elliott as it seemed the Timbers constantly had numbers on the counter and the fact that the Union did not give up a goal in the run of play says something. His longer passes were often off the mark.

Mark McKenzie — 5

Same as Elliot. Without some stout centerbacking (and goalkeeping) this game could have been a blowout. His passing was decidedly better though.

Kai Wagner — 3

It’s painful for me to write anything bad about Wagner, but losing his mark on the first goal was inexcusable, and he was instrumental in allowing the second goal too. Not his best effort.

José Martinez — 5

Martinez made it through the game without a card, so that’s a positive. He continues to show his skill on the ball in tight spaces and his (sometimes scary) willingness to maneuver the ball through the defensive box.  He managed to get himself forward at times but needs more accuracy on his passing.

Alejandro Bedoya — 5

Typical workmanlike effort for him. Looked completely gassed at the end.

Jamiro Monteiro — 6

Monteiro was all over the field. He had 89 touches and a 92% pass completion rate.  After two botched free kicks his third was a winner culminating in the Union’s only goal. Still, with all those touches and the Union’s possession advantage, he wasn’t able to make anything happen once they got into their offensive third.

Brenden Aaronson — 4

Tough night for Aaronson as he was up against some tough competition in Diego Chara. He did have some flashes as in the run and pass to Przybylko that led to the almost tying goal.

Kacper Przybylko —  4

The striker was more active than previous games and seemed to be better fit.  Unfortunately he flubbed several decent scoring chances.  Of course, had he not been a hair offside in the 86th minute, all would be forgiven.

Sergio Santos — 3

Not much opportunity for Santos as the Timbers were content to sit down in their defensive third.  The terribly taken penalty kick just before halftime loomed large as it would have completely changed the complexion of the game.


Ilsinho — 4

Illsihno came in at the 59 minute mark with hope that he could break down the Timbers defense.  The Timbers chose not to triple/quadruple team him as other clubs often do,  but rather to stay disciplined as they sat down in their box.  Ilsinho was unable to break through and was mostly ineffective.

Andrew Wooten — 6

Props to Wooten for scoring the Union’s only goal of the night on a solid put-back.  It was also his first goal in a Union uniform.  Otherwise a nice appearance for him and some hope for the future.

Geiger counter

Allan Chapman –6

Almost cried when I saw Chapman was on but he called a good and fair game.  Can’t blame him for the offside call as the VAR official upheld the call – and appeared to be correct.


  1. It must be a conscious decision from Curtin to focus so much on our right, considering Bedoya basically lives in front of Gaddis and those two were playing hot potato with the ball all night long.

    If we actually put as much energy into getting our best players on the ball on our better FB’s side – say Wagner, Montiero and Aaronson – I feel like we would do better.

    It just kills me to see how downright comfortable Portland was letting our play die on the right. I feel like we have seen this from a few games in the recent past too, probably the Portland game last year.

  2. Peanut Gallery says:

    Kai has to be rated below Ray or we were not watching the same game.

  3. So it has been stated before after different articles, but I think its worth repeating. Curtin has his formulas that he sticks with. They have been mostly successful recently, so props to him for that.
    He seems to have not yet figured out what the successful formula is for chasing a game when the opponent cedes possession like Portland did.
    As has been said previously, Gaddis does not give you the offense and technical ability you need to break down the bunker in that situation.
    It seems to me that if you are chasing the game in the 60th minute and sub on Ilson, then maybe Gaddis comes out and Bedoya slides to right back.
    If you know before the game starts that the team is going to bunker against you, maybe Bedoya starts there and Fontana or another of the youngsters starts at right mid, with Ilson coming on at 60.
    Some might say that you don’t put your Captain and one of two DPs at right back, but I would argue that you put them where they will do the most good, and that just might be the place against a bunkering team.

    • I don’t think you put Bedoya at RB in this particular game simply because he was toast. He made one intercepted pass in the second half, maybe two . He had massive trouble getting back on turnovers. He was just beat. Maybe he even had some knocks that he tried to play through. Overall this tournament he hasn’t looked good IMO. He’s had a few moments, but nothing at all close to what we are used too. I think it’s down to over use honestly.

      • That’s on Curtin, no reason not to rest him more. Atleast start Fontana in the Orlando game, or atleat take BEdoya off earlish – 60th minute or so – and give him some rest in 2-3 other games.

      • That’s my only concern with the move, too. Endurance and speed when the other team brings in fresh legs on his side. And do you really want to rotate your captain out frequently?

      • Im not saying Bedoya needs to be rotated out or subbed off every game. In a condensed tournament with games every 4 days in Florida heat and humidity at age 33, I think a little rotation would have kept everyone fresher.

      • Gotcha. Fair perspective, All4U.

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