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News roundup: Meet the team event, MLS injuries and Liverpool’s win streak

Photo: Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

Want to meet the Union? You have a chance on March 11th at Dave and Busters.

Here’s a quick rundown on the new faces for the Union this year.


The Chicago Fire have added their third DP as part of their rebuild.

All of the injuries around the league heading into week 1.

What are the biggest takeaways from preseason?

Paul Arriola underwent successful knee surgery. He is expected to miss 6 to 9 months.

Will injuries cause Atlanta United to have a short Champions League run?


Liverpool had tied Man City’s winning streak, defeating West Ham 3-2 yesterday.

FIFA wants how much for the Club World Cup??

Due to the coronavirus in Italy, matches may be played behind closed doors.

Who is US Soccer putting the blame on in the equal pay dispute?

Speaking of pay and women’s soccer, A new wage deal has been agreed to in Spain.



  1. Is there any argument for an expanded club world cup beyond FIFA and the participating clubs just trying to make a bunch more money, and stick it to UEFA? Do we really need more football?

    • I would argue no, and that it is only going to stratify the top teams in each league further.
      The amount of money that UCL teams bring back each year only bolster their position to lock down a spot next year. Teams got $75m just for making the round of 16. The finalists hauled in $100m+.
      Club WC is at least going to match if not exceed those $$.
      This means all the teams that participate will have a HUGE cash advantage over the rest of the leagues they’re in.
      If those $$ were spread across the leagues instead of piled up on one team’s plate, it could benefit the sport – but that’s never going to happen.
      The nice thing about the regular World Cup is that (graft aside) that money goes to build programs in those countries. It has a much better chance to benefit the sport outright.
      On the surface level I appreciate the ~idea~ of the Club WC – but I think it would be bad for soccer. Plus all the extra wear & tear on the players.
      I’m happy enough just having the regular World Cup.

  2. It’s comforting–a little–to see Atlanta also experience visa-related frustration (Champion’s League article).

  3. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Of all the teams in MLS this year, the one that most intrigues me is the Chicago Fire. They are the Philadelphia Union in an alternate universe. A team that hated it’s owner and sold to the minority owner of the team. A team that had a soccer specific stadium around 15 miles from the NFL stadium but now has moved back to the stadium it started in. For some reason I just don’t think any of this will make a difference if they don’t win and if they do I can’t see them having crowd’s to justify the move…..but we will see.

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