Photo essays

In pictures: Union 0-0 Sounders

Wagner was active all night on his left flank

Monteiro plays me a pass

Union tried getting Kacper involved early

Philly vs. Everyone

Santos gets called for a foul

Headed back across goal, but to no avail

Sergio flattens Roman Torres

Wagner getting forward once again

Santos going up for the spectacular bicycle kick

Kacper pays the price after a hard challenge

Union playing ‘keep away’ with the ball from Seattle

No goals but all smiles from Sergio Santos

Veteran keeper Stefan Frei kept Seattle alive

Time and time…

…and time again

Ilsinho provided a spark off of the bench as per usual

Aaronson had himself a game in his own right

Things began to heat up towards the end

Fafa takes exception to Roldan’s fall

Seattle naturally takes exception to Fafa’s taking exception

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