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PSP seeks a webmaster

PSP needs a webmaster.

We need someone to be our tech guru on the back end, handling backups, upgrades, and troubleshooting, while simultaneously looking for ways to technically and aesthetically improve the site.

Qualifications: Ideally, you’ll be experienced with WordPress, but if you’re not, solid web design experience and a willingness to learn will suffice.

Volunteer: This is a volunteer role. We’re all volunteers at PSP. It’s a labor of love. And we really need someone to fill this role.

Time commitment: On average, it will probably take you no more than 30 minutes a week, though that will come after some initial work to get the back end cleaned up like it needs to be.

Current status: PSP has been mostly problem free for the last five years. We have some housekeeping and standard, preventative maintenance that we’ve fallen behind on, however, and it’s begun to cause problems with the site that we lack the technical know-how to fix.

Current model: Right now, we don’t have a regular webmaster. We have a very good volunteer consultant named Bill Whitehead who pops into fix things when we desperately need the help, but he generally lacks the time.

We could use a regular hand looking at the site on a regular, proactive basis. Our model is tech maestro Kyle Mathiot, who saved (i.e. fixed) PSP from technical oblivion back in 2013 or so and then got hired by the Philadelphia Union. Basically, he was a solid tech guy who had never worked on WordPress before, but he was inquisitive, smart, engaged, proactive and willing to learn. He demonstrated to us that having a regular go-to person is very beneficial.

Contact: If you’re interested, please email to let us know of your interest and qualifications. Thank you.


  1. A good web master is hard to find, they not only need the service you are using, but also be familiar with the platform your website is created with. Fortunately WordPress is very popular and easy to maintain they only thing to worry about is the constant updates to maintain it secure. I hope you guys find the right person for the job.

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