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In Pictures: Army 4-1 Navy

PSP’s Ryan Griffith made his way down to the familiar sights of Talen Energy Stadium to witness the Army-Navy Cup last Friday.

Army’s Zac McGraw wins an early header over Bayne Bentley.

Navy’s left back, Toni Adewole, scanning the field.

Jacob Williams’ goal put Navy up early.

Some of the Midshipmen’s reaction to their lead.

Oscar Pereira caused Navy problems on the wing all night long.

Oscar’s naval counterpart, Wyatt Millard, tried to provide a similar threat out wide.

In the forty first, Christian Takaki leveled the score.

Tyler Mitchiner pressing the Navy defense.

Sam Millikan finally finished a scrum in the box to make it 2-1.

Army wasting time moments before the final whistle.

Navy following their defeat.

The Army Black Knights are the 2018 Army-Navy Cup winners!

A better view of the hardware.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.


  1. With Courage We Soar says:

    “Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that upon other fields on other days will bear the fruits of victory.” (General Douglas MacArthur)
    Go Army! Beat Navy!

  2. Hi Ryan ~ Navy soccer arent here. I would love to buy a couple of these images. Would you please contact me via email and tell how much you would charge for image? Also, could I Venmo you the $?

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