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PSP Postgame Show: Union 1-0 Orlando City SC

Video by Ryan Griffith

Check out PSP’s video content from the Union’s 1-0 win versus Orlando City SC in the US Open Cup

Ryan Rose and Mike Servedio discuss the win

Jim Curtin addresses the media

Alejandro Bedoya gives his thoughts on the team’s performance

Mark McKenzie fields the media’s questions

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  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    Have to disagree Ryan and Mike: CJ did nothing again tonight. The guy works hard, takes a beating (often times with no call) and can hold up play, but I haven’t seen him make a run that is worth a shit in like 2 months. He is either late or no where to be found on balls in the box. And just can’t create for himself at all. With that said Burke is no superstar, but the guy makes runs, reads the play, can hold the ball up, and can create chances for himself – that and he can actually score from time to time. He is clear starter… until the Union actually upgrade the position. Which they won’t, but it’s Burke’s job to lose now

    • Could not agree more.
      CJ seems to be in the wrong place all the time, or no place at all. Whatever he’s working really hard…at being ineffective.
      Burke had more than earned his shot. I don’t give a damn if the guy is labeled “DP” or not (doesn’t guarantee success), Burke is in the right places far more often and easily has more quality on the ball. He was able to twist around a defender Wed. night and get off a pretty damned good shot. I’ll take that promise every night right now.

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