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Sebastien Le Toux in photos

Featured image: Paul Rudderow

On Saturday evening, Philadelphia Union celebrated Sebastien Le Toux becoming the first member of the Ring of Honor. The photographers of Philly Soccer Page have enjoyed capturing the charm and charisma of Le Toux on and off the field during his entire career with the club. Here are some of the many photos over the years followed by some from the ceremony.

Sebastien Le Toux’s Winning Goal Home Opener, April 2010, by Paul Rudderow.

July 2010 Toronto by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

July 2010 Game Winner Toronto by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

August 2010 New England by Niclolae Stoian.

September 2010 Kansas City by Paul Rudderow.

September 2010 Philadelphia Independence by Paul Rudderow.

October 2010 Houston by Paul Rudderow.

November 2010 by Niclolae Stoian.

March 2011 Vancouver by Paul Rudderow.

June 2011 Chivas by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

July 2011 Washington D.C. by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

September 2011 Portland by Earl Gardner.

March 2012 Vancouver by Earl Gardner.

June 2013 New York by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

July 2014 Colorado by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

August 2013 New York by Paul Rudderow.

August 2013 New York by Paul Rudderow.

October 2013 Bowling with Mike and Friends by Earl Gardner.

July 2014 New York by Earl Gardner.

August 2014 San Jose by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

May 2015 Washington D.C. by Earl Gardner.

March 2017 New England by Daniel Gajdamowicz.

June 2016 New York by Paul Rudderow.

June 2017 Washington D.C. by Earl Gardner.

December 2017 Help Kick Hunger by Earl Gardner.

Always has time for the fans.



Proud Moment.

Ring of Honor.

A little Fireworks.

A lucky fan gets a selfie prior to the game at The 700 by Paul Rudderow.

The PSP photographers thank you for your support over the years and as always, feel free to leave comments or tell us about your favorite.


  1. My daughter effectively started the line for the “always has time for the fans” picture. It reminds me of one of my favorite Le Toux moments.
    It was, I’m guessing, Season 2. At the time, we sat in the corner seats – 112/113 area. The “field level” at the bottom of that corner was a gathering place for kids, and a lot of players would wander over after games and sign. Le Toux was no different, of course – but the moment he showed up, a happy mob would appear. Le Toux happily signed every autograph, shook every hand, took every picture. All with a smile on his face. At one point, a Union handler told him he needed to go so he could do a post-game interview. Le Toux’s answer has stuck with me since that time: “Sure, as soon as I’m done here with everybody, I’ll be happy to do the interview.” And he did just that – stayed until everybody got the autograph or picture or handshake they wanted, and the smile never left his face.
    Pure. Class.

  2. Rest in peace, Seba.

  3. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Were there ever a home playoff game, the hometown hero should be combined with the honorary captain, and the individual should be Sebastian Le Toux.

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