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**Author’s Note: This episode has been updated for audio issues. The solution isn’t perfect, but will work for this week and we’ll get it better for the next show.

Well… that was something. The Union, coming off four unbeaten games and taking 10 of 12 points, did something remarkable in Atlanta on Saturday: They had two men sent off and left with pride. Chris and Jeremy dive deep on the streak of good play that culminated in the amazing scenes in Atlanta, and discuss what it might mean for the Union’s season. Is this what turning the corner looks like?

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with Chris and Jeremy on Twitter @all3points, or leave a comment here.


  1. i think i might have said this before in the comments but there are portions of your podcasts that are sometimes so quiet as to be unlistenable. i love your podcast but there are times where i literally can’t hear it when i’m listening to it in my car

    • I’ve had a ton of issues with mastering over the years, including this week’s show. The levels are flat for the whole show (on my end, anyway), but I’d love to know when things cut out so I can see if there’s something I’m missing.

      • I could hear Jeremy’s portion for the whole show it was just your portion that I had difficulty hearing. Towards the beginning and the end it was a little better but in the middle I had the volume turned all the way up and I could barely hear

      • Chris Gibbons says:

        Crap, thank you. I’m going to remaster it tonight and update the post/RSS/iTunes. I appreciate this a lot.

      • hey cool, i appreciate that. i’m definitely going to give it another listen when you update it

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