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In pictures: Union 0-0 Red Bulls

Andre Blake warming up.

The boys share a laugh on the bench.

Military appreciation night at RBA.

Smelling salts doing what, well, smelling salts do.

Preparing for battle.

Curtin’s starting 11.

Union’s net was under attack early and often.

McKenzie rises above BWP.

Bending but not breaking.

McKenzie is shown yellow.

Blake up to the task once more.

Bedoya lines up a tackle.

Claiming a cross.

Looking to slow the tempo.

Union began to get their chances out of the halftime break.

Penalty awarded to Philly.

C.J. and BWP get their own look at the VAR.

Sapong to take…


…misses wide right.

That wouldn’t deter the U’s attack.

So they went again.

The captain working on both sides of the ball.

Ilsinho making his presence felt off the bench.

NYRB wouldn’t lie down easily as they pushed for all three points.

Gaddis holds his ground.

Curtin wanting them to play simply. No mistakes.

Still anyone’s game in the final minutes.

One last push for Red Bulls.

Final whistle. Curtin and Marsch share some thoughts.

Cory Burke embraces some traveling supporters.


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