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News roundup: Disastrous start, new signings make good, NCAA changes, more

Image: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Five stats and five questions for the Union’s disastrous start to the season.

Friend of PSP Bobby Warshaw thinks Philadelphia should sign Tommy Mac from NYCFC.

Reading United continues to be the place to go for Union Academy grads.

Take out your anger from the Union’s terrible start on a D.C. United car this Saturday!

ICYMI: Player rankings from the Union’s 2-0 loss to Dallas.


Talented new foreign imports have triggered a spike in the league’s scoring.

Toronto FC aren’t sweating their position in the MLS table as they make their CONCACAF run.

Power rankings! The Union are dead-last here and almost last here. The good news is they face the also nearly last D.C. United this weekend.

The Columbus v. Crew lawsuit is gettin’ spicy.


A roundup of Eastern Conference action.

U.S. Soccer

Interesting read: Where are the 2013 U.S. U-20 World Cup team now?

The USSF is finally trying to get NCAA soccer to change their weird ways.


  1. From the Soccer America story…the Union have somehow avoided catching the record-setting goal scoring bug that is rampant across the rest of the league.

  2. Oriel Park says:

    SI.com published its 2018 MLS Ambition analysis. Not surprising, the Union were 20 out of 23. The Clubs below our beloved U are:
    > Colorado – the forgotten toy of an Ownership that also owns Arsenal, LA Rams and Colorado Avalanche.
    > NE Revs – ownership whose only interest is the Patriots
    > Columbus – ownership wants to move the Club to Austin

    Where does our Sugar Man fit into that group???


  3. Really worrisome article about the 2013 US team. I don’t know statistics for other national teams, but to think that only 4-5 of our best U20 players, who are now in their primes, are currently playing D1 anywhere in the world, seems frightening to me. I think we’re doing better with the younger group, but obviously the World Cup miss is a huge failure and it feels like there’s a gap generation with minimal talent.
    The college tournament is a pretty cool idea. I wonder if we could expand it some, or make it almost a champions league type of situation

  4. i would love to see tommy mcnamara here but i doubt this is something that is being pursued

  5. A quote from the Matthew DeGeorge article, regarding Corey Burke potentially getting a start: “How much worse could he do than the starters?” Exactly. I’ve been wondering that for 3 or 4 years now as Curtin refuses to make lineup changes despite obvious struggles and downright awful performances. 0 goals in the last 206 minutes and 1 in the last 450+ minutes.

    • his avoidance of changing the lineup in the past didn’t bother me because we used to have zero depth. this season its incredibly frustrating

      • Ok, but for the past two years we have said this is the deepest Union team ever. But he never uses that (supposed)depth to any effect. It’s just getting tiring. Same ‘ol shit, different year.

  6. Just Rob f/k/a Rob127 says:

    Curtin and/or Sugarman should be sitting in that DC United car. They’d make a mint if they could figure out away to make that happen and charge for it. I’d bring my own sledge hammer.

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