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On Doops, hoops, and parking lots

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Union

I miss the gold stripe

When David Accam arrived in Philadlephia and gave a sneak peek of the new home jersey, his hoodie slightly unzipped as he came off the plane, I thought “oh, no stripe!” It was kind of cool at first. I’m a relatively progressive person who is open to change. But as time went on, and the #DOOPHOOPS kit was revealed in mid-February, my excitement wained. The #DOOPHOOPS have a subtle, almost elegant design for a soccer kit. The navy blue with navy blue/hint of gold hoops look really cool when you check out the jersey in shop. But from a distance, the jersey reads navy blue. Even in high definition, the players look like they’re wearing a solid navy blue kit with some gold stripes on the sides of the shorts and the socks.

I really want that gold stripe back. It’s a part of our unique branding within MLS. No other team has a similar kit, and 2016-2017’s snakeskin gold stripe was a winner. Please either bring back the gold stripe or add some horizontal gold rings.

“Right trigger!”

I am all for being able to shout most anything you want when you purchase a ticket for a Union game (within the MLS fan code of conduct). A big part of the game day experience is to join in the chants, cheer on our players, tell every away play they suck, and respectfully remind the referee of his incompetence as a man when he calls a foul on the Union in the final third.

Recently in my section, I’ve heard some shouts at the players that struck a strange nerve with me. “Right trigger!” shouted one fan at David Accam. “I know you have 40 stamina but c’mon” shouted another. Ugh. I get it guys, I play FIFA too, but there just is something really corny to me about bringing up FIFA at a game. We are paying to see professional athletes perform a very difficult and exhausting sport in person, and maybe for a few hours, ignore the digital realm. Besides, good FIFA strategy doesn’t always translate to the actual sport of soccer. Pace spamming doesn’t necessarily work in soccer, so far it hasn’t made the difference for Accam this season (0 goals, 0 assists). If you are going to shout advice at players (please do), at least say real directions like “shoot!” instead of “press circle!”

Pay the local lots

I want to urge any fans who may have issues with paying for parking at the stadium’s lots to consider paying for parking at Chester’s landowner’s lots. These lots are slightly cheaper and you are spending your money on the local community. When this team decided to settle for building a stadium in Chester instead of in Philadelphia, the residents of Chester were sold on the idea of economic growth and job opportunities. Nine seasons in, no retail has opened up alongside the stadium, no luxury condos. While I am glad the Union developed land to build training fields and a training facility inside the former machine shop, I also am saddened that the residents of Chester have largely not advantaged from the stadium’s existence. Any way that we as a fan base can help contribute to the community is a step in the right direction.


  1. Not sure if Chester residents own most of the lots used for parking so I tend to park at the Calvary Baptist Church on 2nd Street between Edwards and Central. Been there for almost every home game other than the year they gave free parking to season ticket holders. Easy in and out and never a safety issue and the people there are very nice if you stop to chat. I don’t tailgate much but never seen anyone told they couldn’t have a beer while sitting there.

  2. On “DOOP” in general: I was over it 5 years ago and am desperate for anything, ANYTHING else.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      the truth, The Truth.

    • forced or organic? just curious what the ideal official goal scoring would be.
      as a longtime flyers fan, i think we’re listless currently. they even adopted the doop song a few seasons ago. hope to hear whatever it is (i honestly can’t tell you) in person tonight.

      • I’m sort of onboard with The Truth.
        “Doop” as a goal-celebration song: A-OK in my book.
        “Doop” as a word used for every-freakin’-thing else the Union does (Re-Doop, DoopHoops, Daily Doop, etc): No thanks. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

      • Yeah, John Ling hears me. Use the song for goals, sure, but the league’s best social media team should be a little more creative. It’s been nearly a decade of those the doop additive.

  3. We park in a grass lot at 3rd and Edward. Owned by locals. Maintained by them as well. 8 years there. Very easy in and out. Even lights when we get there after dark. It’s a small thing but I have always felt they would know what to do with that money better than me.

  4. snakeskin center stripe was awful. better than toilet paper white kit but still far from a “winner.” hoops could’ve been better. i’m all for higher contrast hoops and don’t want a knee-jerk center stripe in 2 seasons. (OFF BRAND! OFF BRAND!) do it well, whatever that is.

    • I think the snakeskin aligned perfectly with the brand, given there’s a snake the logo, so if the aim is to stay on brand that’s a pretty creative idea. It’s either that or hoops, otherwise you have mono-blue.

      • I really liked this jersey and absolutely would have bought one if it didn’t have the BIMBO logo plastered on the front.
        Still rocking the pre-BIMBO jersey and don’t plan on buying another until we change sponsors.

      • By ‘this jersey’ I meant last years snake logo.

  5. im over DOOP chant after goals. The new jerseys suck

  6. Like Kyle, I thought the #DOOPHoops were kind of cool at first, but then I noticed a few things:

    1) They are NOT hoops. Hoops by definition are circular. These so-called “hoops” are only on the front of the shirt, not front and back, so the circuit is not completed. So they’re more #DOOPLines than hoops.

    2) They are NOT “fresh” OR “unique”…contrary to what the Union VP of Marketing says. Tons of teams have horizontal lines, or hoops, or whatever they are. In fact, look at any goalkeeper on any MLS club this year. Do their kits look familiar? They should, because they’re EXACTLY THE SAME as the “unique” #DOOPHoops design.

    3) The color scheme is terrible. Subtlety is fine, but it does nothing to make the Union brand stand out. Then again, this club excels at not standing out, so…mission accomplished?

  7. I couldn’t agree more with everything in this article!!!
    Well said.

  8. I’m don’t think that stating to use local lots will help the local economy drastically. What we as a fan base need to do is get more involved. The SOB run several charitable events to help the locals but we (the fans) need to do more. They opened their doors (and lots) for us, they’ve barely received any benefit.

    Whoever stated that they are over the DOOP chant should not call themselves a fan. It’s unique to the club, when the rest of our chants are recycled from other clubs & leagues. Yeah it’s been over-used on social media (re-doop) but to be over that celebration sing for goals!?!? Seriously?!

    I like the new kit but I too wish it had more gold… isn’t that part of some chants from the River End?…but I certainly understand that they need to drum up some way selling merchandise especially when you have an offenses that lacks the ability to put the ball into the freaking net.

    The “Right Trigger” is kinda dumb. I agree leave that in the digital realm. I had fun reading this article and look forward to future ones!

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