News roundup: Union chances, Columbus files motion, D.C. sells, CCL semis, more

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

Three things learned from Philadelphia Union’s draw with San Jose on Saturday.

The result was another missed chance for the Union.

More on the Union’s process in Week 6.

ICYMI: The Union’s new bus program will take fans from bars around the city to Talen Energy Stadium on game day.

Alejandro Bedoya was named to MLS’ Team of the Week.

The Sons of Ben get a shout out for their tifo work, but Atlanta’s Darlington Nagbe-as-T’Challah is pretty dope too.


The city of Columbus has filed a motion to grant a six-week pause to find local investors to purchase Columbus Crew from Anthony Precourt. #SaveTheCrew

D.C. United majority owner Erick Thohir is reportedly selling his stake in the club to billionaire Los Angeles Lakers owner Patrick Soon-Shiong. The big news, though, is that the club is apparently valued at $500 million. (WHAT?!?)

The latest MLS power rankings from Soccer America.

What you may have missed in Week 6.

CONCACAF Champions League

All eyes in North American soccer will be on the second legs of the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals tonight.

Toronto heads to the vaunted Azteca in Mexico City to take on Club America with a 3-1 aggregate lead.

Meanwhile, Chivas will bring their 1-0 lead to the New York Red Bulls.


11 things from USL’s weekend action.

U.S. Soccer

Kathy Carter has stepped down from her position as president of Soccer United Marketing.

Highlight of the Day

Atlanta United’s academy keeps scoring some sick goals.


  1. I think it’s time to give CJ a break. He’s literally almost never allowed to come off the field and he works harder than almost everyone at all times. It will let him gather his legs again, as he looked to be a step slow and reaching Saturday, and will also give us a chance to see how Burke would fair in the position. God forbid CJ a was injured, we have no idea if anyone else is any good or even capable there. Curtin, do the right thing.

    • Agreed. I was baffled (again) on Saturday when Burke came on. If you look closely, CJ moved to the wing and Burke went up top. Why? Give the man a damn rest once in a while so you don’t beat him into the ground again…

    • The problem this team has had since Curtin took over, despite that 2016 season when we spent a few months at the top of the table, is digging itself into holes that force Curtin to play his best XI at all times. This team is always chasing points and it breeds desperation and rigidity. Looks like we’re starting this season the same way. 4 points from an available 9. Chasing, chasing, chasing.

    • I’ve yet to speak with someone who follows the Union closely disagree with this concept. Yet I highly doubt it will ever happen unless CJ is injured and cannot play. Jimbo has shown no indication during his tenure that he will ever learn from the past and give CJ a break early in the season, even when we will have three games in nine days. He will get one by default this season during the World Cup break in June, but I don’t think this will be enough to prevent the inevitable fatigue-related injuries come the end of the season when the Union will need him the most.

    • I agree with the overall sentiment and it needs to happen this year, but honestly no one needs a break yet, we have played 4 games in 6 weeks!

  2. Hoping all teams entering 2nd legs in all Champions Leagues, both CONCACAF and UEFA, with leads, hang on for aggregate wins (sorry RB). I’m nervous for both Liverpool and Toronto.

    If a billionaire is prepared to shell out $500 million(!) for DC United, the Union have to have some value, no? I bet a lot of that value is based on the new stadium. Thanks Taxpayers!

    • Lots of people mention Comcast buying the Union. While that would likely be fantastic – imagine “Xfinity” plastered on our jerseys instead of Bimbo! – I think Josh Harris would also be a great option with local ties.

    • What agreat afternoon of football. Liverpool win leg 2 leaving City and Pep completely dejected. And Roma!!! What an amazing comeback. Now THAT was an upset. Come on Juve and Savilla!

  3. Yes. This. Comcast buys Union. Pays Bimbo, Jimbo, and Earnie to go away. Then I’d attend games again. Amazing how impotent Accam has looked on this team coached by this coach.

    • Agreed, he has not been as effective as the price would lead us to hope.
      It would be interesting to have been a mouse in the wall with a stethoscope to hear why Chicago let him go.
      He is trying to become more than just a speed merchant.
      And, he is coming into a club that puts a real premium on maximum physical fitness. The athletic base may not have been as maximized in Chicago. To use a past Earnie Stewart phrase, he may need to build his engine some.
      He has also rarely been 1 v 1 on the flank.
      And the point that no one wants to hear is he may have lost a half step. I have not seen the ability to separate innthe open field from several years ago against Richie Marquez in preseason when prayer for divine intervention was the only plausible defense.
      Did anyone else think Fafa seemed faster Saturday night?

  4. santo bevacqua says:

    It is easy to blame the coach for dropped points, however
    the coach should communicate with players eg C J and determine tiredness or lack of preparation, so CJ plays a lot and is a good hold up forward and think Curtin is using him a lot out of necessity. I do wish that Curtin would change the line up to two forwards.

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