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News roundup: USWNT raises SheBelieves Cup, Seattle & Toronto win in CCL, Salone FC joins UPSL

Philadelphia Union

Union U17s to face Xolos, Rapids & Impact in GA Cup finals.

The Union and NYCFC signed deals with the Franklin Group, a marketing a printing firm.

Reality check: None of the past four MLS Cup champions won their season opener in their title season (0-2-2). In fact, none of them even scored a goal.


Brotherly Game looked at what Penn FC have been up to.

Salone FC becomes the newest team in UPSL, joining fellow (former) PPSL side Junior Lone Star.

Hugh Roberts, formerly of Bethlehem Steel, is now with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.


MLS is the most diverse league in North America.

Sources say the Revolution has been shopping Krisztian Nemeth around for the past two weeks. You’ll sell a forward but not a disgruntled midfielder? The Kraft organization is an enigma wrapped in an inexperienced coach.

A professional goalkeeper salutes the Red Bulls’ Luis Robles.

A British nonprofit is hosting a charity game at Chicago Fire’s stadium. Oh, and just one thing: women aren’t allowed to participate.

LAFC helps the City of Angels give an assist in the 2026 World Cup bid. Philly.com also wrote about the bid.

For the fourth year in a row, FOX TV ratings have declined for MLS opening weekend.

A tale of two top MLS draft picks who left the game.

Regarding #SaveTheCrew, why past lawsuits haven’t been successful in preventing franchises from relocation.


The U.S. won the SheBelieves Cup, 1-0, thank to England’s own goal courtesy of Millie Bright. Before the match they had a moment of silence for the Parkland victims.

In other SheBelieves Cup news, France routed Germany, 3-0.

Alex Morgan is the only American in FIFPro World XI team for 2017.

Around the globe

In CCL action, Seattle beat Chivas, 1-0, Toronto beat Tigres, 2-1.

Juventus came from behind to knock Spurs out of the UEFA Champions League.

Hertha Berlin’s goalkeeping coach says Klinsmann’s 20-year-old son has “too much American” in him.

Mexico brings in 12-year-old Californian for U-15 camp.

West Ham meets with self-professed hooligans.

U.S. U-17 international Chris Gloster signs with Hannover 96.

Highlight of the day

To use or not use the sole of your foot to control stopping the ball. Discuss.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Now I have to read about MLS being the most diverse league in the world?
    For Fucks Sake the insecurity is more than I can bare.
    Just like that little 3’8″ shit knuckle oppositional defiant in middle school who was a complete asshole because of his deep rooted insecurities.

    • And can our reporters please stop asking any player coming to MLS, thinking about coming to MLS, playing against MLS to make a statement about the growth of MLS, growth of soccer in USA, level of the league compared to the rest of the world. Jeesh! It’s the soccer of equivalent of the most hated question guys get from their S.O. “Do I look fat?”

      • I cringe every time I hear that question. They’ve already landed and accepted a wage for crying out loud!

    • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

      MLS is at the intersection of assumed American exceptionalism and the plain truth that football is practiced much better by many other countries. You can see the existential crisis that poses for a lot of MLS fans who approach that with a mix of denial and obnoxious ignorance.

    • The article doesn’t say most-diverse in the world. It says most-diverse in North America.
      Edit: Ah, I’ve read further in the article. It does also mention “most of any soccer league in the world.”

    • I do not mean this in ANY sort of xenophobic context, but I don’t see this as a good thing.
      We started the least amount of US players in the season opener than most leagues (if not all) around the world at 25%. EPL 38% Brits. Bundesliga 50% Germans.
      We need to course correct if we want to do anything on the National Team level.

      • This is the second time I’ve see you post this. It’s dangerous thinking IMO. No matter that you don’t mean it in a xenophobic context, there are plenty of others that would, in order to further their agendas. You point to other leagues around the world, but those other leagues have at least 3 less teams, and the Bundesliga 5 less. As more and more academies come on line for MLS teams, these numbers should find their level. Honestly I find it of very little concern.

      • I did post it on the MLS site, and I’m not trying to make a shock post, it’s just something that I’ve run across recently. Given our current state of USSoccer I though it was relevant.
        I’m the furthest away from a xenophobe. I’ve lived overseas, and like I said, have no problem with foreign talent.
        But if our own domestic league isn’t even playing US players who is. Even last year, MLS had the same ratio as EPL – 38%.
        Now everyone is talking about young exciting players, and that in the end is good for MLS. Again, I have no problem with that. But right now it is unbalanced.

      • Rey only you can actually know where this is coming from. For now I’ll take you at your word, but that will only go so far. I think what you are truly missing is the underlying problem. US players as of right now, just aren’t good enough. If they were they’d be playing more. Simple as that. They’d also be cheaper on average than their foreign counterparts. Whether through academy, homegrown, minor league affiliates, or entry draft college players, compared to paying transfer fees and DP salaries, they are by far the better bargain. If they can play. You can’t tell me a team would willing go out and spend more money on an equivalent foreign player if there were domestic players available. That makes no sense. This means the average American player isn’t good enough. But again, I believe as more academies come on line, and have time to work with their youth, this will change, and the playing field will level.
        If they want a job they need to earn it, not just be handed it because of where they were born. I can in no way support your idea.

      • I will also add that US scouting and development hasn’t been good enough which adds to the imbalance.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I understand completely SilerRey and do not read it as such….My guess is maybe when comparing the US players to ‘all the other countries’ that play the game to survive or “way out” or with a tribe versus the recent article “MLS dropout to college grad route” or “Jonathan Klinsman, too american mentality,” Hertha criticism…
        …maybe we see something underneath that is even more pervasive than our players just aren’t good enough.
        Maybe instead of using physical attributes as the first indicator in whether a player ‘has it’ we actually use psychosocial attributes followed by technical attributes…
        or maybe culture of the home. or maybe give the game to the socio economic class most likely to bring the necessary mentality to make the game ours here. maybe this all works itself out in time as another generation of youth comes up through these academy settings- which incidentally i think will help. Course those special ones are always gonna seek employment overseas, which brings us back to…lost my train of Thought…
        All I know, is I cringed for Jurgen Klinsman, arguably one of the toughest fuckers to ever play, when i had to read a fellow countryman’s criticism of his kid as “too american”
        talk about finding your way off of someone’s Christmas card list.

  2. I watched both CCL matches. Wow does Lodeiro cover A LOT of ground. Seems the Union aren’t the only ones who need their #10 to be defensively responsible. Same can be said for Osorio. He also was all over the place. Clint Dempsey is old, but can still put a goal away if fed in the right spot. Neither ref in the matches was willing to call a penalty. Roman Torres is one lucky guy. Should have been sent off multiple times.

  3. Pete Mazzaccaro says:

    To be the man, you got to beat the man…. or at least The Old Lady. A good week for europe’s old money, history and (almost) Gen X Italian defenders. Juventus put on a masterclass on how to grind out a result with mid-game tactics changes, heroic defensive play and a dash of treachery. there were a few shades of the Union’s crushing loss to Seattle in the Open Cup final, including a last minute shot off the post.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Kwadwo A and S Lichtsteiner changed entire dynamic of game.
      funny how poor I thought Sandro was playing until he tucked in.
      as for Higuain…. hoisted the Lady on his shoulders literally.

      • Pete Mazzaccaro says:

        Higuain and Chiellini, who will probably have to spend a few days in the ice bath. I had to chuckle recalling how the Guardian’s Barney Ronay called Higuain a Sunday League Fat Bloke after the first leg. It was a colorful point, but it makes Ronay look a bit silly today.
        Allegri really managed that match. Was a treat to watch.

      • I’m glad I had a snow day so that I could watch that game.

    • Joel Pterosaur says:

      That was a game to see. A two goal lead is the the most dangerous they always say. Once Juve got the lead you never felt they’d give it back. I will say it did give me particular delight to see Spurs knocked out.

  4. Regarding declining ratings (in pretty much everything) – will this bring about a change in the way deals are negotiated or the events are presented? I am almost positive ratings are declining because there is not a way to officially track streaming yet, and that’s the way many people are going. I just wonder if companies will stop paying millions of dollars to put this stuff on cable and just pop it behind a pay service – like ESPN is doing.

  5. The USA produces cooks, not chefs. It produces athletes, not soccer players. The USA kids are the best cone athletes in the world.

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