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All Three Points podcast: The definition of insanity

And so, it begins again. Have the All Three Points duo held on to their optimism? Or have they given in to the the pull of cynicism and nihilism that the front office seems intent on sowing among the fanbase? If you’ve been listening long, you probably know the answer, but tune in to find out! Chris and Jeremy talk offseason, preseason, and predictions for the future, touching on the Accam and Dočkal signings, all those kids the Union might actually play, and the man with the large rock forcing them to podcast.

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with Chris and Jeremy on Twitter @all3points, or leave a comment here.


  1. I got 8:28 in before I couldn’t take the hallway full of people where you did this podcast. Thanks for the effort guys. Would have liked to have listened. Can’t deal with all the background noise.

    • We tried something out, sorry it didn’t work for you. Our of curiosity, what kind of speakers were you using? We tested the levels on a bunch of different kinds and it seemed fine.

      • Computer headphones that are generally pretty shitty, but seem to have decent sound quality for the most part. Creative Fatal1ty (yes they use the 1 for an I). They are my backups because my good ones are broken. These were really freebees. Newer model is like $35 on Amazon.
        And no worries. I really did want to listen and glad you guys did it.

      • Chris Gibbons says:

        It’s good feedback. Let me see what I can do in terms of re-mixing it and releasing it. It shouldn’t be a big problem.

    • I’m still hanging in there but what’s with the noise? Are they at a restaurant? What the heck!

  2. Earbud at work, seemed to be fine for me. Not ~too~ distracting.
    Good thoughts overall. As far as last year to this year comparison, we probably upgraded at both wings by adding Accam plus with Fafa replacing Pontius on the right. Real seems to be an upgrade over Wynaldjam (Fabi is Fabi as long as he is healthy), and Trusty is probably better than Gooch (at least in distributing).
    It’s unfortunate to say that we are going to the games despite the team’s performances instead of because, but I’m in that boat as well. The games at home were entertaining for the most part though – a couple heartbreakers in there for sure, but we only lost 4.
    Like you guys, trying (not always successfully) to focus on positives going into this weekend.
    ps you guys need a RSS feed for the podcast

  3. i enjoyed the discussion about why you guys are fans of the union. i’ve said before i will say it again- geography is the only legitimate reason to support any given team

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