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Goodbye to my friend, Kenny Hanson

As I write this, I’m still in denial. I don’t want to believe it. For something that hurts a hell of a lot, it doesn’t feel real. It’s devastating to think how quickly things can go wrong. I took for granted that we’d be seeing one another sometime soon. We’d share a beer. I’d probably complain about Dead & Co. and we’d have some laughs. I’ll really miss the laughs.

They took one of the good ones from us this week. You were more than one of the good ones. You were exceptional. A great leader for the Sons of Ben when they needed it. A friend to all. I knew I could always count on you to have my back if I needed it.

I’ll miss our occasional calls. You were always able to help put things in perspective while keeping your emotions in check much better than I ever could. You always listened to my ideas and gave me your honest opinion.

You’re a good man, Kenny Hanson. You are loved and will be missed greatly by all of the people whose lives you touched.

Fare thee well, my brother. Fare thee well

Please consider donating to a Go Fund Me set up to help his family during this extremely difficult time.

Until we meet again…


  1. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Thank you, Earl Gardner.

  2. OneManWolfpack says:

    Wow… I never met Mr. Hanson, but I just welled up a bit. RIP sir and thank you for all you did for Union and beyond.

  3. Earl,

    You speak for all of us with your words.


  4. the SoB event the Union did last weekend was a happy celebration. we have an opportunity tomorrow to keep it going.

  5. Lindsay Jackson says:

    Thank you Mr. Gardner. I have to agree with an earlier comment: you summed up our feelings perfectly.
    I grew up with Kenny in SC. Hanson was infamous for making us laugh so hard our sides hurt. Oh, and don’t get in an argument with that guy! He’d rip you a new one, while making you laugh so hard you pee yourself! Of course, he’d be the 1st person to stick up for you in a time of need.
    We were all blessed to have had Kenny in our lives, if only for a brief moment. We all have a huge hole in our hearts. Our prayers go out to his family.
    Sending them strength & love,

  6. Paul Costa says:

    Beautiful words, beautiful images. Fare thee well, indeed. Listen to the river sing sweet songs…

  7. Angela Rogers says:

    Well put Earl. Trying to get to TRE for a game this season… love to all the SOB’s at this difficult time. 🙁

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