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Fans’ View: The time is now

Photo by Philadelphia Union

As the USMNT enters the knockout stage of the Gold Cup, the Union resumes its season against Montreal. This is going to be an awesome Wednesday – unless they blow it.

The Union has been playing with our emotions for the past few months. After half a season of changes and learning curves, the time for tinkering is over. They need to make a plan and commit to it. They need to get more production from its highest-paid players, find a way to fit Edu back into the lineup (if he’s ever coming back) or let him go and make some noise in this summer transfer window.

Now would be a great time to show up and get noticed by the rest of the Philly sports world. All the other franchises only offer promises for the future. What makes them fun right now is trying to predict which one is going to get good first. Surely at least one of them is going to be a blast to watch in the next few years, if not all of them. Until then, the Union will have to endear themselves to this city by bringing some energy and excitement at a time that others can’t.

I’m not under any illusions that the Union are a good team. They are, as the cliché goes, what their record says they are. As current MLS standings show, they sit toward the bottom of the middle-of-the-pack. At least they aren’t as bad as the Phillies.

What brings me hope and keeps me glued to the seat is the fact MLS is a unique league. Its youth and parity make it less predictable than other leagues around the world and other sports in this country. If the Union can go on a run and stay hot into the playoffs, anything can happen. It’s been said many times about sports teams but…let me just have this, ok? I’ve said all season that I think this team could do it. They aren’t the most talented, but they have enough. I’m sure many teams show glimpses of greatness, but still, if the Union can add some consistency and heart, they could get it done.

The Union are being quiet as usual about their summer shopping. It would be nice if they could land a real number 10 to get this offense going. So let’s speculate wildly as to what they’re up to.



  1. #TrustTheProcess

  2. “So let’s speculate wildly as to what they’re up to.”

    I’m too jaded. We know who our ownership is and what they are about. No Almiron or Tomas Martinez-types coming in. Just play Najem, let him get a taste and perhaps be ready to be a difference maker next year.

    In the meantime, we can enjoy the Game of Thrones and Fresh Prince parodies. That’s what the FO is up to.

    Uggh. I didn’t intend to get so pessimistic. Help.

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