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KYW Philly Soccer Show: The Past Two Shows – Earnie Stewart and Matthew De George

Apologies for these not getting posted to PSP sooner! KYW was slow in getting them on their site, which delayed us from embedding them here, and then I was travelling for a bit. Anyway you don’t care about the excuses, here’s the last two podcasts.

June 13 – Greg and I welcomed Delco Times and Union Tally writer (and podcast wars provocateur) Matthew De George to talk U.S. Open Cup and the USMNT qualifiers against Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico.

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June 7 – Greg and I talk to Union Sporing Director Earnie Stewart about the possibility of summer transfers, how the Union have preformed through the first third of the season, and more.

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  1. Andy Muenz says:

    Earnie Stewart’s and Matthew De George are OK and all but I miss Haris.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Regarding playing Harrisburg 4 times in 6 years, the first one should be looked at a bit differently because it was in the quarterfinals, i.e. 2 rounds later after Harrisburg had beaten New England and NYRB. Having said that, it would probably be best to have a semi random draw from the round of 32 on. Break all of the remaining teams into 4 groups of 8 and have a random draw within your group. That way it is possible that two of the non MLS teams can play each other with one guaranteed to move on. Have US Soccer pick up transportation costs for any amateur teams that have to travel more than 100 miles.

  3. Greg with the spot-on call for last night’s score. i’m putting it all on red!
    funny note: the three of you blasé about the weather and overtime for USOC matches. so true.

  4. el Pachyderm says:


  5. MikeRSoccer says:

    Odd. This use to work on my phone but now it is saying that I need to install flash. Anyone else having a similar issue? I’ve been listening to the pod through my phone for years.

  6. Phil in Wilmington says:

    Hate to say it guys, but you blew the ES interview. Both sounded very nervous and VERY intimidated by the man. As someone who has listened to your podcasts and following PSP for several season now, this was a bit of a let down and a lost opportunity. Many questions went unasked because it seems you got flustered in the moment. I hope that when you get a chance to speak with him again in the future you can take a breath and trust that the questions you are asking are not going to get you killed. You are journalists with a job to do and I’m sure he faced much worse overseas. It’s clear ES is passionate about this project and I’m sure he doesn’t take tough questions personally. I usually love your work though, so please keep it up!

    • Hi Phil. Thanks for listening. Earnie is a tough nut to crack. We did change a our tact a bit early on in the interview when it became clear he wasn’t going to play things tight. In hindsight, we may have tried to work the edges a little to much to get home to spill something. I’d like to have some things back in that interview, but in the moment we were just trying find the best way to get him to give up the goods.

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