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Fans’ View: Insanity is keeping us sane

What is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity? Is it watching the Philadelphia Union every weekend after they struggle for results, and continue to expect them to win? Well, something like that.

Einstein’s actual definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. We all know that if something isn’t broke, you shouldn’t fix it. But what happens when that thing is broken or it isn’t working? Do you toss it with last night’s leftovers? Or do you make small changes to see if that impacts anything?

A few weekends ago, the U hosted Montreal. At this point, I thought we stood a legitimate chance. Montreal was a team that was still riding their high from last year’s semifinal MLS Cup run. They were struggling along with the Union and I thought maybe we could squeeze out a 1-0, rain soaked victory. Short answer: MAN, was I wrong. Now if you didn’t know the result of the game, it probably sounds like Fabinho scored two own goals in the first 5 minutes of the game. Wrong. We actually  went up 1-0 in the first 5 minutes. “Ok,” I thought. “We may finally be in control.”

Then in the 23rd minute, we go up 2-0 off of a CJ Sapong header. Then, 39th minute we get a lucky penalty via our rookie CB, Jack Elliott.  Alberg converts off of the keeper’s hands. 3-0 up with about 50-55 minutes left in the game. The ball was finally bouncing our way! I looked at my dad. We both took deep breaths. “Finally, a WIN.” But for the second time that day, I was wrong. Horribly. Nacho Piatti quickly dribbled through the whole team and left the ball in the back of our net. 3-1. “Ok, we still got this though, surely.”

Second half starts and the game was calm. We were still up 3-1 at about the 65th minute and Montreal looked sluggish. On came their substitute, Anthony Jackson-Hamel. AJH is a presence and a big man. The Union couldn’t keep their door closed and he scored in the 70th minute, to make it an interesting 3-2 game. I cannot explain my mixed emotions at this point. I was still optimistic we would win. Who cares about the scoreline? I was also feeling a nice pit in my stomach (that could’ve been that night’s Mexican, though). Overall, I was still feeling good about the game. After all, we deserved the win. I should know by now, I’m 15 years old, that the game of soccer doesn’t always care about what you deserve. If you don’t work, it’s not gonna happen. The Union looked like they had lost the game when it was 3-2. It’s been a rough start to the season and it must take a toll on you mentally, when you leak goals like a rusty pipe.

Fast forward to minute 87. Shot comes in, rebound given up and AJH scores his second of the night. 3-3. Montreal (or AJH, however you look at it) clawed back into the game and rescued a cold, wet point in Philly. 90+ minutes are up. Whistle blows. Boos rain down. I look at my dad and we are in utter shock. I go up to my mom and lay in the middle of the floor in the living room. “No way they lost.” “No mom, they tied.” We remain winless. That night, I saw a quote from Albert E. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I refuse to watch until they get that first win.


  1. Mike Macheski says:

    Nice article Collin. You sum up my feelings almost exactly. Keep up the good writing.

  2. “I refuse to watch until they get that first win.” I said the exact same thing after the Montreal game. And again after I stayed up until 1am to watch the game in LA. And I’ll probably say it again Saturday evening. Glad I’m not alone in this!

  3. Great write. You have talent for this. Keep at it!

  4. Great write. Thanks for sharing it. Keep it up. You have a talent for this.

  5. Collin some nice work there. keep it up.

    now just like you and your father , my wife and myself were at the stadium watching the game from sect 108. I , like yourself was feeling good at the 3-0 mark but as it became 3-1 and I was screaming at the defense to step to the MTL player I sat down turned to my wife and said ” the next goal will determine this game” . She looks at me and I dsaid if we score then we should win the game if MTL scores we are going to end with a draw. no doubt.
    Again Just like you said the team lagged after 3-2 and with the teams “luck” running the way it is I called it at the last whistle. SAD SAD SAD But will be there Sat. as I am a STH from the beginning

  6. Great job, Collin.
    Perfectly captured how I felt watching that game.

    Normally getting scored on with 55 minutes left when they’re up 3-0 wouldnt be cause for too much alarm, but the way it happened just seemed to suck the life out of the team

  7. Great write. Keep at it! You have the lent for this.

  8. Nice job Collin. You have given me hope that today’s education system hasn’t gone the way of showing your work. That means actually using pencil and paper to do math, not letting the calculator do the work for you. Anyone can hit buttons.

  9. Robert Deckert says:

    Hey Collin
    Great write again bud!!!
    Love Mom and Dad

  10. el Pachyderm says:

    Dear Collin.
    Have you considered a move to New England. You are young enough to escape the morass of Philadelphia Sporting torture. Form a strictly sporting point of view, I imagine your parents would understand.
    Sharpen the craft, sir…words are tools and weapons as you see fit. Life the grindstone.

  11. Aunt Angel says:

    Hey Collin! While I don’t follow your team or soccer in general, your writing makes me feel like I am there!!
    Keep up the good work!

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